Full Name Crib
Current Age 2002
Date of Birth  ???
Zodiac Sign  ???
Gender Male
Species  ???
Location World of Stars
Current Status Alive
Height 3'0(91 cm)
Weight 100 lbs.
First Appearance Grab Glove Platform Panic

Crib is the leader of the World of Stars and the narrator of Grab Glove Platform Panic. He spreads the word about Starbo through his magical storybook.


Crib has been alive for a very long time as the only one of his kind, hatched from an egg. Crib, however, managed to keep calm and used his wisdom to help others. The gods of the stars rewarded him with a magical storybook to allow him to lead the creatures of the World of Stars. Being too old to fight the Army of Void when it arrived, he instead helped Starbo through his storybook, creating a parade honoring it when it left.


Crib is quiet, pacificistic, and wise, and has been so for most of his life. Crib will aid people in need no matter the danger involved, and despite being a little shy, will help if the world needs him.


Crib is a short and rotund cloaked creature. Players never see inside this cloak, only his yellow wide eyes and his long gray beard. His cloak is a deep blue with red rubys attached to it.


Crib has little physical capabilities, rather relying on his wisdom and magical storybook.