Creator(s) TechBreloom (tbc)(formerly)
MeGa eXal (tbc)(currently)
Broadcaster(s) League of Fantendo Critics
Type Fan Project Review
Genre(s) Informative
First Air Date(s)
July 5, 2015 (TechBreloom era)
TBA (MeGa eXal era)
Last Air Date(s)
July 26, 2015 (TechBreloom era)
TBA (MeGa eXal era)
TechBreloom - Former Critic
MeGa eXal - Current Critic
Country of Origin Hosted - USA
Broadcasted - Worldwide
Original Language English
Status Work in progress
Creationary Critic is a review show created and formerly hosted by TechBreloom (tbc), and currently hosted by MeGa eXal (tbc). The show reviews in-progress fanon work and aims to help users in mid-development. The show was started on July 4, 2015, and was put up for adoption on July 26, 2015. MeGa eXal adopted it almost a year later. It is a part of the League of Fantendo Critics.

Review Format

Reviewed using {{CC}}.

Section 1: Introduction

The host begins by introducing himself, and the show, as well as the article being reviewed.

Section 2: Development Stage Guess

I take a quick look at the article and guess its current development stage: Just Beginning, Progress Made, Intermediate, More Than Half Complete, or Almost Done. If my guess does not match up well with your current stage, chances are you need to put a bit more work into the article OR you are putting in particularly heavy and stellar work.

Section 3: Concept Review

An article at least started must have a clear concept; if I cannot identify it, then chances are that needs some work. Hopefully I can, and if so, I will review your concept here, and give my opinions and advice on it.

Section 4: Creativity Review

Next, I look at the article's creativity or potential to be creative. I review what catches my eye, note what is particularly bland about the title, and ideas I may have that could improve the article's creativity.

Section 5: Structure Review

Section 5 is my review of the article structure, from language mechanics and grammar to organization and table styles. I discuss what can be improved about it or compliment how visually appealing the style is. I suggest what I would do to improve the article's style.

Section 6: Overall Review

Finally, I give an overall review of not only the article's originality, quality or creativity, as I did above, but if these things add up to an article with good potential. I make notes on particular and specific things that do not necessarily fit in the categories I have discussed.

Section 7: Conclusion

I wrap up the program, overall ranking your article as Particularly Well-Written, Particularly Creative, To Be Superior (a combination of Particularly Well-Written and Particularly Creative), Solid with Potential, or Some Work in Need. I reestablish why you received this ranking and restate what I think you can do to improve this article.

Creationary Critic does not review imagery of an article.

Reviewed Articles

Also see here.

MeGa eXal Era

To Be Superior

Particularly Well-Written

Particularly Creative

Solid with Potential

Some Work in Need

TechBreloom Era

To Be Superior

Particularly Well-Written

Particularly Creative

  • None at the moment

Solid With Potential

Some Work in Need

  • None at the moment


If you would like your in-progress game reviewed by Creationary Critic, add the category Creationary Critic Requests to your game. Your game must be under construction for us to review it. It cannot contain {{FANOM}} or {{Upcoming Project}}. The host will remove the category once we have reviewed your game. Games may only be reviewed once. Additionally, we would recommend letting me know of your request on the host's talk page if we do not review your game in 60 hours; chances are we have not checked my requests, which we apologize for.