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Cream the Rabbit
Cream New Render
Cream the Rabbit.
Full Name Cream the Rabbit
Current Age 6
Gender Female
Location Station Square
Current Status Alive
Class Sidekick
Family and Relations
Miles "Tails" Prower (sweetheart)
Vanilla the Rabbit (mother)
Bunnie Rabbot (sister)
Main Weapon(s) Cheese the Chao
Ability/ies Flight with long ears
Using Cheese the Chao
Vulnerable To Anything scary
First Appearance Sonic Advance 2
Latest Appearance Sonic Generations

Cream the Rabbit is a character in the Sonic series. Cream carries her best friend Cheese the Chao with her. She lives with Vanilla, her mother and her big sister Bunnie. Cream is the youngest member of the Sonic series at just 6 years old and perhaps owing to this she is the nicest and most peaceful of the Sonic gang. She likes to hang out with Amy and Big. She is very easy to scare, and loves to play anything safe. Cream may not play in the olympics, but she's the one who calls "out" when someone gets a foul. Cream is also a "fly" type in Sonic Heroes and in the Sonic Riders games.


Nintendo Plays: Dodgeball!

Cream is set to appear in Nintendo Plays: Dodgeball!.

Paper Sonic

Cream is set to be a playable character in Paper Sonic.

Sonic Heroes 2

Cream makes an appearance in Sonic Heroes 2 as part of Team Rose.

Sonic Party Wii U

Cream makes an appearance in Sonic Party Wii U as part of Sonic and Friends.

Sonic's Mirror Realm

Cream appears as a referee in this game, alongside her pet Chao.


Boom Cream

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