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Creaderm is the fictional setting of the Nowhere in Particular games. It is the largest of the Corona Islands, and also the most inhabited out of all of them. It is also the home of series protagonists Finnigan and Ashlyn.


Creaderm's climate is a very chill one. Thanks to a rather ancient curse, the entire island is stuck in a near-constant winter. Fortunately, snowfall is often very light, and so the weather is hardly harsh enough to impede the survival of inhabitants. The natural plantlife is strictly coniferous trees, with a few scattered ferns and the occasional curative herb. However, fruit is a very rare occurrence due to the chill climate, and so the inhabitants find most of their sustenance from either leaves, grass, or meat.


Creaderm has an unusually varied population of wild creatures. Most are split into two types - the animals, such as rabbits, deer, and bears; and the monsters, like gargoyles, wyverns, and ogres. As for sentient races, there are three more common ones. They are the regular Humans, the ancient and knowledgeable Draconians, and the part-cat Felae. However, the Draconians are scattered after the destruction of the Ark, and due to mysterious phenomenon, the Felae have been mysteriously uncommon for many years.


The Woods

The forests that cover the majority of Creaderm. Rather easy to understand, but far from easy to navigate - along with being mazelike and confusing, it is often dangerous due to monster activity, and even those armed to the teeth are wary of the creatures within.


A stronghold of humanity, once ruined but slowly being rebuilt from the ground up. It has a thriving marketplace thanks for the need of lumber and supplies to sustain the rebuilding effort, and there always seems to be somebody looking for aid. It is a natural gathering point for merchants, adventurers, and the survivors of other towns' destruction.

Temple of Luna

The ancestral home of those hailing from the Luna lineages - a family who has popped up in Creaderm's legends time and time again. It is here that party members seek the guidance of ancient heroes in order to metamorphose into an Advanced Class.

The Ark

Once a home of the mysterious Draconians, this floating citadel has slowly been consumed by the rising oceans. It is now abandoned, and all of its ancient technological marvels are dormant until one can unlock their secrets. There are several sections of the labyrinthine passages which have been submerged completely - even the entranceway is submerged - so only the best swimmers dare to enter.