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They told me I need to be a normal people, traveling, having fun and etc ... this I do not want strange things, so I tried this place ... Well Welcome to Fantendo!

Is game by Keyhole Gaming,Exclusive in Wii U.Have lot of Fantendo characters!


The game has a similar gameplay to the GTA series,May travel to 7 countries:each country has its Outfits, cars, music and unique items.



  1. James:A normal human that after being released from jail for drug smuggling.Now he want join in Fantendo Gang but need to do several missions.
  2. SGY:You know this guy, YES OF COURSE, it helps in some missions James.
  3. Rubber:One of most hated character,but now he is COOL,He have special missions too!.
  4. Unten:The Blue BEAR,The MASCOT of Fantendo,help in Secret Missions. 
  5. Squava:One of newcomer in Fantendo.Now help the other newcomer!



  1. Rio de Janeiro
  2. SGY Park


  1. Washington
  2. Arend Oil Circuit



  1. 1968 Dodge Charger (Commom)
  2. Ford Mustang (Commom)
  3. VM Beetle (Exclusive in Brazil)
  4. Bugatti (Very Rare) (Exclusive in E.U.A.) 



  1. Roadhouse Blues (Trailer Song) by The Doors 
  2. Ogdens Nut Flake by The Small Faces
  3. I Can't Drive 55  by Sammy Hagar
  4. Barracuda by Heart
  5. Tom Sawyer by Rush
  6. The Kids Aren't Alright by The Offspring
  7. Riders On the Storm by The Doors
  8. Rock You Like A Hurricane  by Scorpions
  9. Back in Black by AC/DC
  10. All day and all of the night by The Kinks



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