Crazy Redd is a fox in the Animal Crossing Series that sells items to you in a tent. However, in Animal Crossing: City Folk, Redd has a shop in the city. In previous installments, Redd would go from town-to-town selling his merchandise, sometimes fake. It is hinted that he is a former criminal, as in Animal Crossing: Wild World, he lets you in if you give him the correct password, but he also adds the silent remark, "The cops might be watching..."


Redd in the Japanese Animal Crossing series.


Redd is a playable character in Nintendo Plays: All Types Of Boarding!

Dodge The Ball

Redd dodges balls in Nintendo Plays: Dodgeball!


Redd plays baseball with the rest of Nintendo in Nintendo Plays: Baseball!


Redd appears in (the first game not associated with Fan Inc.), Animal Crossing Dash and Crash!

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