Crazy Pizza
Crazy Pizza in his debut.
Full Name Crazy Pizza
Current Age 2 yrs.
Location SmashVille (Allies)
Current Status Smelly, but Alive.
Family and Relations
Another Crazy Pizza.
Vulnerable To Nothing
First Appearance Usernamer2 (NextGen Bluevolt, 2012)
Latest Appearance Usernamer2: Land of Lost Nights (NextGen Bluevolt, 2012/ 2013)
Crazy Pizzas are enemies in the Usernamer2 series. They do nothing, but hurt you if you touch them.



Usernamer2 is the first game in which Crazy Pizzas appear. They are rare enemies, and cannot be harmed, but can harm.

Usernamer2: Land of Lost NightsEdit

Crazy Pizzas appear in Bob's Warehouse and DustyBunny Suites & Resort and is the 'mystery shadow' in the worlds it appears in.