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Crazy Party is a Mario Party-styled game and the first game in the Crazy Party series.


One afternoon, the characters were resting peacfully in they're own worlds. Well, not all the characters. In the middle of the worlds, there was a villain meeting lead by the King of Koopas. They planned to strike when the ultimate party was taking place. Later in an afternoon, Toadsworth and his good friends from the other worlds were hosting the party. Suddenly, an airship hovered over, and Bowser, along with the other villains, were on it. Kamek used his magic to grab the Star Rod. Mario leaped up, trying to get it back, but he missed. The party was on!



See here.


See here.

Story mode bosses

See here.


4 Player

  • Fishin' Dips
  • Whack-a-Koopa
  • Airship Assault
  • Hula Stoops
  • Kowabunga Kahuna

1 vs 3

  • Mallet Menace
  • Bust n' Dust
  • Bob-omb Blast

2 vs 2

  • Way Out Wakeboarding
  • Pool Fools


  • Peach's Castlegrounds
  • Skyscraper City


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