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Crazy Bones of Egyptian Leader is a Chapter and the third world of the game, Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover, it takes place at a desert cliff with Bone Magikoopa's Sphinx

List of Levels




Wild Desertness

You are on the search for Peach at this mysterious deserted cliff.


Enter Sphinx

You found a door that is locked, try to find a key somewhere outside this place.

Monster Door

Traps Traps

You entered the door that leads into a room, filled with traps! Time your jumps and avoid the traps.

Monster Door

Hunting for Urn Pieces

You found Princess Peach, and a undead Magikoopa who has Peach, but he makes a deal for you to find his urn pieces since he's a old undead Magikoopa.


Dye a Urn

The evil undead Magikoopa wants you to dye his urns blue, and pink, and red!


Get the Urn Back!

A mouse has stolen his urn, chase the mouse!



Style the urns so that Magikoopa could give you Peach.


Attack of the Sandy Wall

That mischevious Magikoopa tricked you so he can keep Peach for his own, RUN!


On The Mouth

Since you escaped that sandy wall, you have ended up on the mouth of the head of the sphinx.



Since you climbed up the mouth, you climb up a roof of the head.



After climbing the roof, you climb up a giant hat made out of gold!


Battle Against the Undead One

You will battle against the evil Egyptain leader named Bone Magikoopa.

Bone Magikoopa

Tanker, Manker

Use this tank to escape the sphinx that is falling off!



  • It is one of the Chapters with Epilouge levels, along with When Shy Guys Attack
  • It is the first and only chapters with 3 bosses (2 mini-bosses and 1 boss)

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