Crash Bandicoot: Mechanical Madness
Crash Bandicoot Mechanical Madness
Developer(s) Astro Cowboy Studios
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform(s) PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita
Release Date(s)
March 21st, 2015 (Worldwide)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Crash Bandicoot
Predecessor Crash: Mind Over Mutants
Crash Bandicoot: Mechanical Madness is a game from the Crash Bandicoot series developed by Astro Cowboy Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment released for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. It's the first Crash game by Astro Cowboy Studios after Activision left the rights of the game.


Dr. Neo Cortex has been tired of his continuous failure on world domination, his minions suggested many things, one of them, suggested to build robots with an enhaced Artificial Intelligence. Cortex experimented with robots and sent robotic beings to havoc around the entire world. Aku-Aku feel the world was in danger again, and told Crash and his siblings to stop Cortex once again.

Playable Characters

Character Description Ability
Crash prepared

Crash Bandicoot

Our main and classic hero, has the mission to stop Dr. Cortex plans. He can move regularly and spin to attack.
Coco Bandicoot

Coco Bandicoot

Crash's Little Sister, she is a known hacker and technician. She can move faster and do a spinning kung-fu kick.
Crunch Bandicoot Classic

Crunch Bandicoot

Crash's Adoptive Brother, he is the brawn of the 'Good Team'. He can move slowly, but has a strong potential with his iron fist.

Supporting Characters

Character Description


Helps and assists The Bandicoots, also found in crates.


This tiny bear is ridded by Crash on certain levels.


This little tiger is ridded by Coco on certain levels.
Baby T-Rex

Baby T-Rex

This small dinosaur is ridded by Crunch on certain levels.

Boss Characters

Character Description Place
Fake Crash

Fake Crash

Is known to be a failed clone of Crash, he mimics him. Midboss, N. Sanity Island


Is known for being the leader of a native tribe. Boss, N. Sanity Island
Komodo Bros

Komodo Bros.

Komodo Moe and Komodo Joe are seen ridding a minekart throwing barrels at you, then the battle takes place on a deep cavern. Midbosses, Artic Lands


His deadly flamethrower can be able to change into Fire Mode and Frost Mode and makes him fearsome. Boss, Artic Lands
Ripper Roo

Ripper Roo

He is seen at the tent ridding a ball, making stunts with animals and explosives. Midboss, Kaboom Park


He is ridding a roller coaster, has a madness at shooting and throwing obstacles. Boss, Kaboom Park


He is seen at his mansion, The Bandicoots must face him in a food fight. Midboss, Jalapeño Desert
Tiny Tiger
Koala Kong

Tiny Tiger and Koala Kong

They are found in the ring as champions, they tag team in battle. Bosses, Jalapeño Desert
N. Gin

N. Gin

He is seen ridding a giant mecha to erase The Bandicoots out of the map. Midboss, Waste Swamp
Nina Cortex

Nina Cortex

She is seen ridding a real giant spider in a gothic rodeo arena. Boss, Waste Swamp
N. Brio

Dr. N. Brio

He throws chemical bottles and shoots with his lasergun, then he prepares his potion to turn into a mutant and try to crush The Bandicoots. Midboss, Lab Castle
Dr. Cortex

Dr. Neo Cortex and Uka-Uka

At first he is ridding a doom Driftship and The Bandicoots must take him down, then he lands to the rocket with Uka-Uka in countdown and must be stopped as he shoots laserbeams. Boss, Lab Castle
Nuke Leard

Nuke Leard D-5000

He was created by Dr. Cortex to work for him, but later he rebelled and called a nation of robots to destroy the life. Midboss, Robotopia
A. Tomicus Z-9000 Its a giant robot protector of Robotopia, Is the final boss of the game. Boss, Robotopia

Precious Metals

Jewel Description Obtained
Crystal Power


A Shiny amethyst crystal. Near the end of a level.
Clear Gem

Clear Gem

A white colored gem. Breaking all the boxes in one level.
Blue Gem

Blue Gem

A sapphire gem. Death Route.
Red Gem

Red Gem

A ruby gem. Death Route.
Green Gem

Green Gem

A emerald gem. Death Route.
Yellow Gem

Yellow Gem

A topaz gem. Death Route.
Purple Gem

Purple Gem

An amethyst gem. Death Route.
Orange Gem

Orange Gem

A tourmaline gem. Death Route.
Black Gem

Black Gem

A hematite gem. Death Route.
Sapphire Relic

Sapphire Relic

A blue relic. Easy Time Trials.
Gold Relic

Gold Relic

A yellow relic. Medium Time Trials.
Platinum Relic

Platinum Relic

A gray relic. Hard Time Trials.

Warp Rooms

N. Sanity Island

  • Jungle Boogie
  • Crystal Caves
  • Big Fish in a Fall Pound
  • Fake it or Break It
  • Rock Roll Out
  • Bridge at the Brain
  • Native Fortress
  • Papu Panic

Arctic Lands

  • Frost Path
  • Tapered Polar Bearing
  • Water Topics
  • Komodo Karnage
  • From Dusk Chill Dawn
  • Aurora My Way
  • Slipside Slide
  • Croc and Roll

Kaboom Park

  • Carnival Fun
  • Crazy Circus
  • It Ain't Medieval Yet
  • Show Far, Show Good... Show What?
  • Clown Town
  • Tea's Knees
  • Bumper Karts
  • Get Coaster It

Jalapeño Desert

  • Hot Desert
  • Rock On
  • Cactus Oasis
  • Rich Way Is Up?
  • Ciudad Jalapeño
  • Temple May Cry
  • Do You Believe in Mirages?
  • Lucha Fever

Waste Swamp

  • Toxic Marsh
  • What a Waste of Time
  • Back To The Sewer
  • The Engine-Gear Itch
  • Burning Volcano
  • Dark Water
  • Shade Fortress
  • Web Me Out

Lab Castle

  • Mach Machinery
  • Electric Avenue
  • Breaking Lab
  • Mutant Of The Year
  • Tubular System
  • Tower Power
  • Stormy Ascent
  • Cortex Duel


  • Metal City
  • You Make Me Steel
  • Robotic Operation
  • Nuke'em
  • Cyber Factory
  • Gear-Force
  • Titanium Skycraper
  • Final Bolt Carnage

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