Cranky Kong's Shop
Greater Location Mushroom Kingdom
First Appearance Super Mario: An Evil Rising
Current Ruler Cranky Kong
Cranky Kong's Shop is a flying store that Cranky Kong made to sell stuff to people all over the Mushroom Kingdom.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising

In the debut appearance, Cranky Kong runs the store for Donkey Kong so he can buy items for the other heroes and the Toadus Museum via Coins and Banana Coins. Torwards the end of DK's story, Donkey Kong gets a ride back to Donkey Kong Island from Cranky Kong and his flying machine. When the Mushroom Behemoth is revived and begins his 2nd rampage, you can see Cranky Kong's Flying Store heading torwards Toad Town with Donkey Kong on board.

Items Sold There

In Super Mario: An Evil Rising

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