"Pleeze don't chaing any of the information on this payg. It is under konstrukshun. Thank you."

Cranky's Kemistry is an edutainment/action game on the Nintendo Wii. It is set in the Donkey Kong series, as Cranky Kong attempts to teach his fellow Kongs chemistry using his L-Ement Extractor.


Cranky Kong is working in his lab one day with his new assistant Meso Kong. After much work, they invent the L-Ement Extractor, which has the ability to extract elements from nature and turn them into tangible forms known as L-Ements. Finding this as an opportunity to shed some knowledge on his fellow simians, Cranky sends Meso to Donkey Kong with the Extractor and a note. The note says that DK must find different elements and create different compounds, or else Cranky will lock away the Golden Bananas. DK, desperate, starts looking around Donkey Kong Island for L-Ements.


In story mode, only DK is playable. However, in multiplayer, all of the characters except for Meso Kong, Sassy Squatch, and Kreme Brulee are playable.


Several L-Ements appear in game. Many of them are based on real elements, but some are made up just for the game.


While most of the game takes place in the Kongo Jungle, other areas can be accessed or unlocked to collect different or rarer L-Ements.

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