Crane Federation Facilities are weird twin facilities of Crane Health Technology Research Federation that are run by Preco and contain The Tour. There are two facilities, A and B, which are connected underground and are next to eachother.

It has been revealed by 1337doom that there is a third facility, X, which is located far away. The remaining employees of Crane who were not in the facility when The Tour Disaster happened ran there and locked themselves away. They have since all died/gone insane.


  • A was woken up by Flavio in the Multiverse comic
  • B was seen along with A in Preco's flashback in the Multiverse comic
  • Flavio explores A in Greyed Out
  • Gustav meets up with Flavio in B in the end of Greyed Out and the side-story to it.
  • A will make another appearance in the unnamed Greyed Out sequel.

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