Cranberry (fully named Cranber E. Saus) is a Luff that appears in the game Paper Luigi. The Luffs were responsible for the forging of the Marvelous Compass, and they used its clairvoyant powers to take over the majority of the world. However, they were very miserly, and the compass cursed them, destroying their empire. Hoping that this would not happen to other kingdoms, Cranberry broke the Marvelous Compass into seven parts, hiding six and keeping one with him in Rapturous Ruins, possibly ruins of a Luff establishment. After a thousand years of sleep, Cranberry would become the last of the Luffs, and even he disappeared when awoken by Luigi, a hero worthy of rebuilding the Marvelous Compass. Luigi finds him again and explains that he needs to have that Compass piece in order to rebuild the Marvelous Compass so he can then destroy it. Cranberry then asks if you are the Legendary Hero that is stated in the Prophecy written in the ruins walls. If Luigi says yes Cranberry will want for Luigi to prove it by defeating an ancient monster hidden in thses ruins and to bring back a piece of it's body for proof. After Luigi defeats the monster he takes the foot of the beast and shows Cranbbery. Cranberry will then exclaim "Wow! You actually did it! I can tell it's real because it's still shaking a little bit. You must be the true hero! Here, take this!" Cranberry then gives the Compass piece to Luigi and that ends the chapter.

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