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is an animated TV show created by Phinix, which follows the story of the people in a land known as "Craftendo", where the people face very many strange challenges. The show mainly follows 4 characters: Prince Icing Johnathan Wray Eggerton the 4th, Luke, Indigo, and Tyler. The show is very interesting, in the sense that it turns into multiple genres at times. Once, it'll be a drama, then a thriller, then a sci-fi show, and on and on and on. The show was inspired by the events that happened on a Minecraft server, sharing the same name as the show. The show is set to air on May 27th, 2017 on Cartoon Network.


Season 1

Episode Number Title Episode Summary Airdate
1 Craftendo With a prince that owns a drug-selling store, he has to deal with not being caught every day, but he might finally get caught after all these years. May 27, 2017
2 Siren The everyday life of General Indigo who manages the Craftendian military, Siren. May 30, 2017

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