is an animated TV show created by Phinix, which follows the story of the people in a land known as "Craftendo", where the people face very many strange challenges. The show mainly follows 4 characters: Prince Icing Johnathan Wray Eggerton the 4th, Luke, Indigo, and Tyler. The show is very interesting, in the sense that it turns into multiple genres at times. Once, it'll be a drama, then a thriller, then a sci-fi show, and on and on and on. The show was inspired by the events that happened on a Minecraft server, sharing the same name as the show. The show is set to air on May 27th, 2017 on Cartoon Network.


Season 1

Episode Number Title Episode Summary Airdate
1 Craftendo With a prince that owns a drug-selling store, he has to deal with not being caught every day, but he might finally get caught after all these years. May 27, 2017
2 Siren The everyday life of General Indigo who manages the Craftendian military, Siren. May 30, 2017
3 Rainbow Conspiracies are floating around about the prince's supposed death. Tyler, CEO of Rainbow Corp thinks he might be finally onto something... June 2, 2017
4 Bunker Griff has a pleasant surprise, when he wakes up to a nuke that just went off in Craftendo. Now 4 people must spend the next 20 years with this strict, confused man, in his very own man-made bunker. June 9, 2017
5 Bob With Craftendo basically in ruins, Ice suffers from guilt as he can't help but think it's his fault. Desperate for friends, Ice finds Bob, who is an annoyed traveler, but what they stumble upon is truly amazing... June 16, 2017
6 Corp With only the south side of Craftendo blowing up, the northern part of Craftendo is becoming crowded. Meanwhile, Ice and the gang have no clue what to do with the money, but Ice thinks he has an idea... June 23, 2017
7 ST0RM Ice has just the right idea to make Craftendo flourish once again: he must create a totalitarian dictatorship! What could possibly go wrong? ;) June 30, 2017
8 THUNDERST0RM The people of Craftendo are outraged that they have lost all of their previous freedoms. A group of people decide to organize a plan to stabilize their once good country. July 7, 2017
9 RU!N Craftendo is losing more people by the second, begging for escape, and so Ice finally wakes up and fixes the mistake he made. Season Finale. July 14, 2017

Season 2

Episode Number Title Episode Summary Airdate
1 Anniversary TBA August 8, 2018
2 Controloss TBA TBA

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