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Craftemon is a new game being worked on by the Craftemon Team (EnderLegends, TheFireDragoon, AwesomeLuke, Santumerino and a couple of friends of them; which we'll add names too once they get wikia accounts) as a fangame to be released on GameJolt and Steam (but not really). It is meant to be a sort-of-silly game made to be a crossover between Minecraft and Pokemon obviously. It will feature unique Pokemon based on the mobs in Minecraft and its popular modification.

The entire game isn't meant to be taken too seriously and is made just for fun and because of an overflow of ideas.


The gameplay is a complete copy of Pokemon- almost. The battling is roughly the same, and so is the story- but as said before, the Pokemon are completely replaced with Minecraft-related creatures.

A new feature (inspired by Pocket Morties, an IOS game.) is crafting, where after gathering items through certain methods, you will be able to craft new items that your Pokemon will hold.

HMs have been replaced with tools from Minecraft, such as the axe for cut, and the boat for surf.


You are a 13 year old living in the Minae Region, a region with many biomes and agriculture. You are greeted by your mom, Professor Acacia, in your house located in Cobbel Town. You are about to go out on a Craftemon journey, where you are on a quest to defeat all 8 gyms and progress, and in the process beat the Elite 4 and the champion.

Your mother gives you and your rival, Obsidian, a starter Craftemon- Pigrow, Calfire, or Jetegg. The player will choose, and your rival will always choose the starter Super-Effective to yours, based on the typing (If you choose Babaa, the rival will choose N/A). After this, the professor's assistant runs into the room, claiming that people in Gray/Purple suits (depends on the version) are threatening the townsfolk. He asks for help, and while Obsidian blows it off, saying that he has better things to do, you go and help, and this triggers a battle with Team Wither/Ender (based on version) grunts.


Block Dex National Dex Name Type Dex Entry Evolution Abilities Chem Stone Name
#01 #001 Pigrow, the Fertile Piglet Craftemon Grass Pigrows will want to help nature at every opportunity they get. Whether it be fertilizing plants, eating invasive plants, or more, they will always find a way to help. Evolves into Pollehog at Level 16 Overgrow

HA: Flower Gift

#02 #002 Pollehog, the Pollen Pig Craftemon Grass As it's extremely light and graceful for a pig, Pollehog can jump several meters in all directions. Bug Craftemon are attracted to its extremely sweet pollen and honey. Evolves from Pigrow at Level 16. Evolves into Phygabloom at Level 32. Overgrow

HA: Flower Gift

#03 #003 Phygabloom, the Golden Wing Craftemon GrassFlying Phygabloom's golden-leafed wings are so strong, they can carry 3 anvils and a person carelessly. It shares its delicious honey with wild Craftemon it meets, and its sweet scent can be smelled from miles around. Evolves from Pollehog at Level 32. Gale Wings

HA: Flower Gift

#04 #004 Calfire, the Flame Calf Craftemon. Fire Calfire's diet mainly consists of plants, however it has grown a liking to hot peppers, and over time gained the fire typing. Their moos are loud enough to wake people with ear mufflers on. Evolves into Moogma at Level 16. Overheat

HA: Flame Body

#05 #005 Moogma, the Lava Cow Craftemon. Fire Moogma are known for being extremely heat resistant. Tourists use them to cross large pools of lava. Their udders produce fresh magma, which somehow cools into hot milk. Evolves from Calfire at Level 16. Evolves into Fungerupt at Level 32. Overheat

HA: Flame Body

#06 #006 Fungerupt, the Mushroom Cow Craftemon. FirePoison The mushrooms on Fungerupt's back are extremely poisonous- if treated well enough, however, they make a tasty dish. It's known for its amazing hearing abilities. Evolves from Moogma at Level 32. Effect Spore

HA: Flame Body

#07 #007 Jetegg, the Bubble Chick Craftemon. Water Jetegg has watery eggs that it throws at predators. These eggs are fake, and will make a splash on contact. Evolves into Roostaqua at Level 16 Water Veil

HA: Drizzle

#08 #008 Roostaqua, the Rooster Craftemon Water Roostaqua's gobble is actually a bunch of rain drops formed on its chin. The more rain formed on it, the more powerful Roostaqua will be. Evolves from Jetegg at level 16. Evolves into Hydrobawk at Level 32. Rain Dish

HA: Drizzle

#09 #009 Cumulooster, the Cloudy Rooster Craftemon WaterFairy Since Hydrobawk is mainly flightless, it has learned to produce rideable rainy clouds that allow it to levitate. Legends say an ancient ancestor of it was the creator of rain, but it is unconfirmed. Evolves from Roostaqua at Level 32. Rain Dish

HA: Drizzle

#010 #0010 BaBaa, the Wooly Craftemon Normal This Craftemon's genetic makeup reacts to dyes in such a way that it evolves when in contact with some of them. Its fluff grows back quickly, so it is used for most pillows in the Minae Region.

Evolves into Bluebaa with a Lapis Lazuli

Evolves into Redbaa with a Rose Red dye

Evolves into Limebaa with a Cactus Green dye

Evolves into Yellobaa with a Yellow dye

Evolves into Blackbaa with an Ink Sac

Cute Charm

HA: Adaptability

#011 #0011 Bluebaa, the Water Sheep Craftemon Water Bluebaa's wool, when touched, feels like putting your hand in a fountain. The wool is made of thick water that is always flowing. Evolves from BaBaa when exposed to Lapis Lazuli Drizzle

HA: Adaptability

#012 #0012 Redbaa, the Fire Sheep Craftemon Fire Redbaa's wool, when touched, will surround your hand like fire. For its trainer and friends, the wool would be soothing and nice, but when others do, it's a strong burn Evolves from BaBaa when exposed to Rose Red dye Flame Body

HA: Adaptability

#013 #0013 Limebaa, the Lawn Sheep Craftemon Grass Greenbaa's wool, when touched, feels like freshly cut grass, but to opposing Pokemon, it is poisonous to the touch. It is known for eating large amounts of grass at a time. Evolves from BaBaa when exposed to Cactus Green dye Effect Spore

HA: Adaptability

#014 #0014 Yellobaa, the Static Sheep Craftemon Electric Yellobaa's wool is always full of static electricity. It will easily shock anyone who dares to touch its silky, soft cloth. Evolves from BaBaa when exposed to a Yellow Dye Static

HA: Adaptability

#015 #0015 Blackbaa, the Darkness Sheep Craftemon Dark Blackbaa, while the "Darkness Sheep" Craftemon, it is known for being the most peaceful out of every evolution of BaBaa. It can make a well-lighted room dark in just a pinch! Evolves from BaBaa when exposed to an Ink Sac Shadow Shield

HA: Adaptability

#016 #0016 Miniper, the Hissing Craftemon. DarkNormal Miniper and its evolutions are hated by normal people, but hardcore trainers praise them for their powerful explosions and their quick attacks, however they tend to be a bit self-destructive. Evolves into Creepera at Level 20 Final Bomb (Explodes when fainting)

HA: Destruct Survivor (Able to survive with one HP when using Self Destruct)

#017 #0017 Creepera, the Exploding Craftemon DarkNormal Creepera's 4 legs allow it to run around as quickly as possible. When about to Self Destruct, it makes an iconic hissing noise. Evolves from Miniper at Level 20. Evolves into Creeparge when exposed to a Thunder Stone. Final Bomb (Explodes when fainting)

HA: Destruct Survivor

#018 #0018 Creeparge, the Volt Explosion Craftemon DarkElectric Creeparge's electric shield serves as a powerful boost when hit by another lightning attack. Creeparge's explosive power greatly increases from its pre-evolution. Evolves from Creepera when exposed to a Thunder Stone. Volt Absorb

HA: Paralyzing Destruct (Able to both survive with one HP after using Self Destruct, but the explosion also paralyzes the target)


The Minae Region

The Minae region is a unique region, as it is based off of the world in Minecraft. It does not have a set climate, as you travel through a Savannah, a Jungle, a Desert, a Tundra, and more.

The character's outfit depends on where you are in the region.

New Moves

Gym Leaders

Gym Name Gym Type Name Badge Team Gym location
Prism Gym Water Prismar, the shining beauty. Marine Badge N/A Boatbreak Town


  • Game Breaker : Where to start about the Game Breakers in Craftemon? First off from the leaked info we've obtained, a Craftemon named Shulkeral will have Stance Change. It's move Retreat will turn it into Defense form - it can't attack and all it can use is Come Out (replacing Retreat) if all of it's moves are attacks -  but all attacks deal 3/4 the amount of damage to it and it can use Iron Defense.
    • The hidden ability of the Miniper line in the demo. It allows it to use it's signature move selfdestruct and survive with one HP. And then comes Creeparge's hidden ability - Paralyzing Destruct which also paralyzes the target incase it lived. It's normal ability also has it do a weaker version of selfdestruct upon fainting which is replaced with volt absorb with Creeparge.
  • Base Breaker : The very existence of this game is a Base Breaker for Pokemon fans and Minecraft fans. Some praise the idea while others turn it down due to the fact that there's no way it should be successful.
    • The leak with Shulkeral is also a Base Breaker. Most people find Shulkeral overpowered, while others find it as room for more strategies. There's also another pokemon from the same leak - Babaa, said to be a hidden fourth starter that functions like an Eevee. The main people against Babaa say that it's just a copy of Eevee.



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