Crack and the Card of Doom
Developer(s) Konami

Rublitendo Studios (XBLA,PSV)

Publisher(s) EU: Ubisoft
NA: Accolade inc, Atari (XBLA)
JP: Square Enix
Platform(s) PlayStation, Game Boy Color (canceled)
XBLA (Remake)
PSV (Remake)
Release Date(s)
EU: 27 February
NA: 27 February
JP: 1 March
Genre(s) 3D Platform
Series Crack (Series)
Successor Crack 64: The Popstar Returns

Crack and the Card of Doom  Named (in Europe Crack 3D: Crack's Assistant Got kidnapped. in Japanese ゴールドスクラップ 3D: 操作:世界を救います Harp. Sukurappu no kin no 3D: Un'yō: Sekai o sukuimasu) Third game of Crack Series for PS1 Video Game released in 1999, For Xbox live Arcade and Playstation Network released in 2015 August 23


Comming Soon!


  • Lost for Alarm
  • Goldcalypse
  • Toastatomic Legend
  • Ink Machine (Boss)
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Corruption Adventure
  • Stupid Maniac
  • too Bad...
  • Toast Castle (Toast Dragon Boss)
  • the Escape from castle
  • Dash for Speed
  • Notable Horror
  • Go and Kill Buddy!
  • The Dangerus Trap
  • Crack the Secret Agent
  • The Final Ground (Clandy the Black Dr. Final Boss)

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