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Crack U: the Legend of Dreamland
Developer(s) Rublitendo
Publisher(s) Fantendo,Sega,HAL Labolatory,
Platform(s) Wii u
Genre(s) 2.5 Platform
Release Date(s)
15 August 2015
Age Rating(s)


Series Crack (Series)
Media Included Disc
 Crack U: The Legend of Dreamland Is Game Based on Rayman Origins Engine All Levels are 3D and Charaters are 2D


in Micropunk Isle on Planet Popstar, Crack and Blue Kirby Called Bluey At rest there Tree However awakened noticed Black Puprle Clouds Controlled by Clandy the Black Dr. Later gets caught Through Mechanical Paw and are fired to Dreamland. Later Lands into Wispy Woods' Inside Another method and were to be freed...... strikes Wispy Woods' Inside and are freed Crack and Bluey Must Find The way to Save the World Before Taken the World



  • Crack the Golden-Crested hedgehog
  • Bluey the Blue Kirby
  • Honston Toadstool
  • Yakooy the Toon link shaman
  • Moshi
  • moopa
  • Mangly the Purple Breegul


  • Toastyus
  • Banjo-Bomber
  • Rayspider
  • 8-bit Kirby
  • Maddle Dee
  • Wetons
  • Supply Birds
  • Birdons
  • Worm-man
  • Beezoo (as Bee Half Kazoo)
  • Bomber Dee

Charater Skins (Starter)

  • Hoodlus (Crack)
  • King Loo (Crack)
  • Mr.Mairo (Crack)
  • Pinky (Bluey)
  • Cutter (Bluey)
  • Globorbley (Bluey)

Charater Skins (Unlock)

Comming Soon!


World 1 Dreamland

  • Tree Monster

World 2 Raisin Ruins

  • Giant Desert Snake

​World 3 Meta-ship

  • the Knight With unknown Name

World 4 Underwater Ambience

  • Giant Porcupinefish

World 5 Ice-Cat Isle'

  • Giant Icecube Cat

World 6 Escar-Land

  • Giant Trojan Snail

World 7 Micropunk Isle'

  • Clandy the Black Dr. (Final Boss)


World Map


Raisin Ruins (Desert)

Raisin Ruins (Fiesta)

Intruders! Alert Intruders!


Meta ship Minion chase

Underwater Ambience

Entering Into Secret Base

Underwater Secret Base

The Great Escape

Ice-Cat Isle'


Micropunk Isle (Befroing Final Showdown)

Final Battle

Boss Battle

Ending & Credits

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