Crack Racing Advance
Developer(s) Konami
Publisher(s) JP: Nintendo

EU: Ubisoft

NA: EA Games

Platform(s) Game Boy Advance
Release Date(s)
JP: 13 July 2001

EU: 13 July 2001

NA: 13 July 2001

Age Rating(s)

ERSB: E10+


Genre(s) Racing
Series Crack Racing
Predecessor Crack Racing (Game)
Successor Crack Racing: Trouble Faster
Media Included cartridge
 Crack Racing Advance is Sequel of Crack Racing For PC N64 and Dreamcast.



  • Crack McGold
  • Bluey the White Kirby
  • Clandy the Black Dr.
  • Honston Toadstool The Toad
  • Mangly the Puprle Breegul
  • Dark Crack
  • Sello
  • Capt. Blackbeard the Polar Bear
  • Mr. Rat
  • Pumpkin Knight


  • Luigi Von' Pluck
  • Genie the Bear
  • Dr. Ivo Yoh-botnik
  • Crack Skellington
  • Tooiya
  • Kirby (Special Guest)


  • Rocket
  • jelly Torpedo 
  • Toaster Blaster
  • Frog Launcher 
  • Engine Oil Barrel
  • explosive Bomb
  • Banana Skin


Toaster Cup

  • Crack Circuit
  • Rabbit beach 
  • N64 Jelly Factory
  • Freak Temple 

Brain Cup

  • Galaxy Station
  • The Giant Tree
  • N64 Planet Popstar
  • The Magic swamp

Pumpkin Cup

  • Jawel Brush Castle
  • Boomerang Tree
  • Flashback Space
  • N64 Meta-Ship

Skull Cup

  • N64 Chicken Mountain
  • Sky City
  • The Giant Submarine
  • Meat-wack Pipe

Final Cup (Bulldog Cup)

  • Yoh-botnik's Lair
  • Koishi's Secret Cave
  • wild West Desert
  • Rainbow UFO (Final Track)

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