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Crack Racing
Developer(s) Konami
Publisher(s) Ubisoft Entertainment,Nintendo,Hal Labolatory (N64 Version)
Platform(s) PC,Dreamcast,N64
Release Date(s)
30 June 1999
Age Rating(s)
ERSB - E10+
Genre(s) Racing
Series Crack Racing
Predecessor Crack Kart (Prototype)
Successor Crack Racing Advance
Media Included N64 cartridge, Dreamcast Disc,CD Disc
 Crack Racing is Racing Game



  • Crack McGold
  • Bluey the White Kirby (N64 Version)
  • Doroia (Dreamcast and PC Version)
  • Clandy the Black Dr.
  • Honston Toadstool The Toad
  • Mangly the Puprle Breegul


  • Dark Crack
  • Sello
  • Capt. Blackbeard the Polar Bear
  • Mr. Rat
  • Pumpkin Knight


  • Rocket
  • jelly Torpedo 
  • Toaster Blaster
  • Frog Launcher 
  • Engine Oil Barrel
  • explosive Bomb
  • Banana Skin


Pumpkin cup

  • Spiral Tree
  • Mushroom Caverns
  • Meta-Ship
  • Jelly Factory
  • Idiot Land

Skull cup

  • Old Jungle
  • Dead Lagoon
  • Chicken Mountain
  • Rainbow-Multi-crater Moon
  • Ice Universe

Pengiun Cup

  • Pumpkin Factory
  • Big Dragon's Stomatch
  • Rainbow Space
  • Dino-Land Oddysey
  • Green Valley

Toaster cup

  • Planet Factory
  • Planet Popstar (N64 Version)
  • Planet Toaster
  • Lava Lagoon
  • Meta-Ship

Brain Cup

  • Comming Soon!

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