Crack Pink: The Clandy's Revenge
Developer(s) Konami, Nintendo
Publisher(s) Vicarious Visions, Hal Labolatory
Platform(s) Game boy Advance
Release Date(s)
JP: - 25 August

NA: - 28 August

EU: - 28 August

Age Rating(s)

ESRB - Everyone

PEGI - 3+

Genre(s) 2D Platformer
Series Crack (Series)
Predecessor Crack Legacy of The Donkeys: The Flying Cow
Successor Crack Legends 2: Power of Dinosaurs
Media Included cartridge
 Crack Pink: The Clandy's Revenge (In Europe "Crack Fusion" in Japan: "ゴールドスクラップ Daiboken:  世界との接続" Herp. "Gōrudosukurappu Daiboken: Sekai to no setsuzoku") - is the 10th Game of Crack Series Parodying "Crash Fusion\Puprle". Golden-Crested Hedgehog's Enemy, Clandy the Black dr. One of the biggest Enemy of Crack. Crack decided to connect to the Kirby's Universe. and must save the world. This Game was released With "Kirby Fusion\Gold: The Star-Tranced Adventure"


Micropunk Isle.

  • Worm Canyon
  • Hamster Town
  • Boggy Swamp
  • Boss (Spider who Like Eat Candy)

Mechanical Jungle

  • Scrap Jungle
  • The Rain Land
  • Dream Jungle
  • Boss (Giant Robo-Earthworm)

3,000,000 B.C.

  • Virus Plains
  • The Rock City
  • Groovy Rock City
  • Boss (Mad Crashosaurus)

TV Inside

  • Chip Valley
  • Electro-City
  • Forbidden Electrocity
  • Boss (King of Viruses)

Dream Land

More Comming Soon!


  • Who Can Hit up!
  • Knock Knock. Who is there?
  • Airship Mania 1
  • Boucing Sheeps
  • Rocket Problem
  • Jetpack Travel 3D
  • a Problem With a Dragon
  • Airship Mania 2
  • Who Turned out Lights?

More Comming Soon!

Party Mode

Comming Soon!

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