Crack Movie: Beyond The Popstar
Producer(s) Universal Studios Entertainment (Presents)

Zentech Studios

Studio(s) Vodka Capital,

737 Shaker,

RTVE (Radio Television Española)

Distributor(s) Rublitendo Studios,Fantendo
Genre(s) Animated,family
Country of Origin Spain,USA
Original Language Spanish,English
Series Crack (Series)
Prequel(s) Crack & Legend of Shamans
 Crack Movie: Beyond the Popstar is a Spanish-American Movie Based on 3D Technology CGI.


Coming Soon!


  • Grant Kirkhope - Crack
  • Makiko Ômoto - Bluey the Blue Kirby (Used Kirby's voice Clips)

​More Comming Soon!


  • Crack the Golden-Crested hedgehog
  • Bluey the Blue Kirby
  • Clandy the Black Dr.
  • The Machine Guy
  • Capt. Cubebeard
  • Stone Monster
  • Service Deluxy
  • Dr. Bombstein
  • Robot Minion
  • Toast Crasher
  • Skeleton Dino-Dragon
  • Paper Worm
  • Ice Monster
  • Prehistoric Giant mosquito
  • Prehistoric Mini Elephant
  • Prehistoric Big Cat
  • Dr. Evil
  • Veggie Monster
  • Squeezy
  • Bubbleling 
  • General Joh. McNeck
  • Evil Robot
  • Bromato
  • Neo Dr. Evil
  • Mr. Volcano
  • Toast Demon
  • Steampunk Quellox
  • Steampunk Idiot Robot
  • Steampunk Duck
  • Pump
  • Mecha-Dr. Rvil

More Comming Soon!

Concept Art gallery

 Comming Soon!

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