Crack Legends
Developer(s) Konami,
Publisher(s) EU: Rare, Ubisoft

NA: EA Games

JP: Square Enix

Platform(s) Gamecube,Playstation 2,XBOX
Release Date(s)
EU: 29 December 2002

NA: 29 December 2002

JP: 1 January 2003

Age Rating(s)
ERSB: 10+


Genre(s) 3D Platform, Adventure
Series Crack (Series)
Predecessor Crack Advance 2: Alien Rampage
Successor Crack Legacy of Donkeys: The Flying Cow
Media Included PS2 Disc,GCN Disc,XBOX Disc
 Crack Legends is a Game for XBOX, Gamecube and Playstation 2


In the Deep Space. at the Spaceship, Clandy the Black Dr. Plans to Transform Pop star\Planet Globox Into "Metal Pop star\Metal Globox" Using Metalator 50000. Bulids it and Clicks button Slowly. and Quickly Clicks the Button and Metalizes the Planet. in the Micropunk Isle. Crack Backs From Vacation leaving From Underwater CIty. He decided to admire the Planet Using Telescopes. The problem, however Crack Sees the Clandy's Spaceship. and I plan to Destroy, Later Crack Sees the Ground Being Metalized and Avoids Jumping and Must Restore Planet Back!


The 1st Player as Crack. and 2st Player as Doroia\Bluey the White Kirby. main protagonists From Crack Series. Crack had several moves which. Can Move Very Fast and Hit Rocks by Rubber mace and Glide and picking up Objects and Shake to Drop Crystal moon (Points). Doroia\Bluey the white kirby can Suck enemy and Shot Stars as Pistol and Float like Balloon. Propeller Crabs,Slide Tunnels and Soul Rubber using as to float in the air,swinging and sliding.



  • Crack
  • Bluey the White Kirby (in Japanese Blue)
  • Doroia (PS2,XBOX Version)

​Non-Playable (Villians)

  • Clandy the Black Dr.

Non-Playable (NPC)

  • Dr. Ivo Yoh-botnik

More Comming Soon! 


 Bombstick Jungle

  • Micropunk Isle (Beach)
  • Forbidden Jungle
  • Metal Cave
  • Ice Drumstick Cave

Chaos Village

  • The Forest of Sadness
  • Metal Tree Canyon
  • The Tower of Tage
  • Flying Crow's Nest

Planet Cort-Tex

  • The Mechanical Fort
  • Ribbon Factory
  • The Cellcule of Fiary
  • Crunchy Castle

The Glade of Stars

  • Arctic Heart
  • Valley of Bandicoots
  • Dreamy Mushrooms
  • Control Machine

The Land Of Dees

  • The Islands of Joy
  • Cute Land
  • Hog Attack
  • Ripple Numskull

Aqua Numskull

  • Skull Totem
  • Cute Friend of time
  • Floating Apple Canyon
  • Worm Caves

Clockhead Lab.

  • Antarctic Hills
  • Metal Ice
  • Lava Run
  • Flacked ice Cave
  • Slide Rush (Slide)
  • Antarctic Hills\Neon Factory Inside
  • Antarctic Hills\Mini-Flying Crow's Nest
  • Nordo's Kitchen Chase
  • Mini-ice Island\Froggy Jump and Fight the Bad Guy

Nightmare Land

  • The Forest of Doom
  • Dark Rockslide Rumble (Slide)
  • Freak Jungle
  • the Neon Bolider
  • Puffball Pursuit (Gamecube)
  • Bat Pursuit

Nightmare Land/The Clandy Mt. Labolatory

  • Downclaw Factory
  • Jaw-Mouth Panic
  • Ancient Meta-Ship
  • Mad Prototypes
  • Clandy the Black Dr. Showdown

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