Crack 64: The Popstar Returns
Developer(s) Konami,
Publisher(s) Nintendo,Rareware,Hal Labs
Platform(s) Nintendo 64
Release Date(s)
13 June 2000
Age Rating(s)
Rated E - Everyone
Genre(s) 3D Platform
Series Crack
Media Included cartridge
 Crack 64: The Popstar Returns (Jap. Gōrudosukurappu Daiboken 64Warui sutāzu no noroi) is Game Which Based on "Rayman 2" Engine. Levels are Very Longest. Cutscenes Animated in 2D (Also as Cartoon cutscene. Animated by DiC). in Gameboy Color Version Named as: Crack Forrasary (2001) A 2D Platform. Initially it had to be called "Crack 3D 2: The Popbiddden Star" but the name was changed to "Crack 64: Popstar Returns"


Nintendo 64 And Nintendo DS Version

Passed with boring days. Crack Wants to He decided to live in New Home. Crack decided to find Spaceship and Fly to Planet Popstar (named by Crack: New home). One thing is not great, Clandy Fallows Crack. and Thinks and I think that it is a new house. Later Crack lands on Planet Popstar in the Island of Gods. but still he converted. and he had to tell the truth. Who's the boss. and knowing decided to protect the planet from evil Called Clandy


Level 1 - Prologue in Planet Globox

Level 2 - The galactic Journey

Level 3 - Planet Popstar

Level 4 - Waddle Bee Hive

Level 5 - the Dreamland

Level 6 - the Monster Mansion

Level 7 - the Island of Doom

Level 8 - the Cloud Kingdom

Level 9 - the Toaster Factory

Level 10 - the Pengiun Castle

Level 11 - Robotic Revenge

Level 12 - Metal Industry

Level 13 - Finale

Level 14 (Secret Final Boss) - the Total Fight!


Laybot - Level 1

The Evil Star - Level 2

Pinky Puffball - Level 3

Queen Waddle Bee - Level 4

Dexter the Alien - Level 5

Senior Boo - Level 6

King of the this Island - Level 7

Trash Bandiclooud - Level 8

MAG 1 - Level 9

Masked Pengiun King - Level 10

Mechooba - Level 11

PsyKirby and Plunger Tank - Level 12

Clandy's Giant Gholot  - level 13 (Final boss)

Clandy's Final Stand Level - Level 14 (Secret Final Boss)

Mini Bosses

Clockwork Matter - Level 1

Ginny The Genius - Level 2

Star Monster - Level 3

The Honey Wolf - Level 4

The Star of Doom - Level 5

Hungry Sofa - Level 6 Boss Chase

The Naughty Dog - Level 7

Warp The Cloud Monster - Level 8

Mutanted Toaster Monster - Level 9

Clandy Jr. - Level 10

Porkworm - Level 11


A - Jump

B - Attack\Shot

C-Pad Up + Z - Puffball Prot

R - Change The Weapon (Right)

L - Change The Weapon (Left)

Start Button - Pause

Analog Stick - Move

C-Pad: Move Camera

Z - Cleak

Z + A - Tornado Jump

Z + A - Jumping From mario 64 (Only Running)


Videos (Cartoons)

  • Crack Visits Ripple Star
  • Boring Days on Planet Globox
  • The Dark Armageddon
  • No no no! This Crystal is Mine!
  • Dinosaur Run
  • Bluey's Skin Color
  • The Twinsanity of Ribbon
  • Return of Evil Peter.
  • The Revenge of Zero
  • Pop Star Origins
  • Worms Strikes Back!
  • Kirby 64: The Alternate Ending
  • Science of Bad Story

Vidoes (Making of)

  • Making of: CRACK
  • Making of: Crack's Secret Weapon
  • Making of: Characters
  • Making of: Crack's Pinball

Usuned Cutscenes

  • Emmm... Crack. You're Going to Pop star?
  • Fear Before Times.
  • Crack Meets... Someone?
  • Alternate Ending


  • Moron Race
  • Stomp Me!
  • Monster Chase
  • Don't Collect Falling Anvils. Collect Apples and Crystals!
  • Fat butt Melee

New Charaters

Mangly the purple Breegul


Nintendo DS Remake

Crack 64 DS
Developer(s) Konami
Publisher(s) Nintendo,Rare,Hal Labs
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)
8 May 2005,
Age Rating(s)

Rated E10+


Genre(s) 3D Platform
Series Crack (Series)
Media Included cartridge
in 2005 Created Ramake of This Game Called: Crack Popstar Returns DS, This Game Has Been released in: 8 May 2005, New Charaters appearances From 2003 Game Called "Super king K. Rool Bros: Number One!" Charaters Are Called:
  • Yakooy the Toon link Shaman
  • Bluey the White Kirby (Painted Blue)
  • Ugly Dragon
  • Mrunch
  • Mr.Rat
  • Bow-kongser (looks like Donkey Kong Half Bowser)
  • King k. Mario 
  • King k. Luigi


D-Pad - Move

A - Jump

B - Attack\Shot

X - Sprint

Y - Cloak

Left - Change Weapon (Left)

Right - Change Weapon (Right)

Y + A - Tornado Jump

Y + A - Jumping From mario 64 (Only Running)

Nintendo DS ballpen - Toching as Move Camera


More Comming Soon!

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