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Logo of Crack Series
Logo of Crack Series
Developer(s) Konami (1994-2014)

Rublitendo (2014-Present)

Publisher(s) Rublitendo Studios
Genre(s) Platform
Spinoff(s) unknown
First Game Crack (1994) SNES
Most Recent Game Crack In: Rainbow Clay Dimension
SNES\Super Famicom,Playstation,Nintendo 64,

GBA,Gamecube,PC,Wii,Wii u,Nintendo 3DS Xbox 360,NRS,Xbox One,PS3,PS4,Nintendo DS

 'Crack' (Series)  is a game series made by Rublitendo Studios\ R Studios

Original Games

Game releases (World)

  • Project Latern (GB,NES) 1993 - early production of Crack Series
  • Crack (SNES) 1994 - Final production of Crack Series
  • Crack: the Ultimate Brawl (Wii,PC) 2006

Crack's Hemlet

  • Crack: a Nightmare Revenge (Wii) 2007
  • Crack Advance 4: The Donkey's spirit (GBA) 2007
  • Crack KickFighter (Wii,X360,PS2) 2008
  • Crack 3: Nuts & Bolts (X360) 2008-2009
  • Crack's Remake (PC,X360,PS3,Wii) 2011
  • Crack & the Rainbow Race (PC,WIIU,3DS,PS3,X360) 2014
  • Crack's Returns of Ya (PC,PS3,PS4,X360,XONE) 2014

Game releases (Japan Only)

  • Gōrudosukurappu & Dorya Tabi ni noridashi!!! (Sega Saturn) 1996



Clandy the Black Dr. Main agonist of Crack Series

Crack Univerese Charater Symbol

Crack Series Symbol


Crack the Golden-Crested hedgehog\McGold Main Hero of Crack Series, Also known as Evil genius or mad scientist Who wants to Destroy Cappy Town

Bluey the Blue Kirby Crack's Companion. cute or no cute. he has switch button to turn speak on as normal  Speaking and off as Speaking Poyo. he can only suck and shots objects. (Appears only in Nintendo Consoles)

Clandy the Black Dr. Main agonist of the Series

Honston the Toad A.K.A Honston Toadstool Lecturer Series Up Who talks How to Play (Appears only in Nintendo Consoles)

Ugly Dragon Green Fat Dragon Who likes to eat Cheese and still says "Blah Blah"

Dr. ivo Yoh-botnik necessary Guy Who He wants to Deal with others

Mr.Rat And Crazy Little Rat With Red tie on Neck with the Yellow inscription: MR.R

Moopa Blue Koopa Which just is efficient and begs that must not be Tired (Appears only in Nintendo Consoles)

Moshi Moshis is Parody of Yoshis Which have square nose (Appears only in Nintendo Consoles)

Mangly the Puprle Breegul a Breegul Who Wants a Peace (Appears Only in Xbox Conosles)

Tutorial Screen Tutorial Screen is Robot who Honston the Toad Replaced as Tutorial Screen in Non-Nintendo Console Version of Crack Series

Doroia Crazy Bat is Crack's companion, Bluey the Blue Kirby Replaced as Doroia in PC Playstaion, Xbox And Non-nintendo Console Versions of Crack Series

Jim Esakura The Prince of Porean Nation on Planet Globox

Jack "Manta" McGold Crack's Brother also as president of Porean Nation on Planet Globox

More Comming Soon!

in Comics

Crack Series Named in Comics as: "Crack Molty Adventures"


TV Series & Movies Based on Crack Series

Crack & Christmas Nightmare

This Movie Created by Disney & Konami, Based on Movie Called "The Nightmare before Christmas" This Movie It was created in 2001 Year 24 December, Squel of This Movie "Crack Of the Worlds" Called From 2002 Year 13 December

Crack of The Worlds

This Movie Based on TV Series Anime Called "Kirby: Right Back At Ya!" and Movie "The Nightmare before Christmas" This Movie Created in 2002 6 March

Crack & Legend of Shamans

This Anime Movie is Created by Shoen Jump This Movie it was created in 2003 13 October

Crack & Friends 1998-2009

at 18 June 1998 Year this TV Series Called "Crack & Friends" This TV Series Created by DIC Entertainment This TV Series Is Spin-Off Tv Series released for FoxKids (1998-2007) KidsCo (2007-2009)

Crackooie: Revolution 2014-Present

at 16 February 2014, an Anime Series based on the franchise aired on Disney XD Or Other Channels. Crack and His Friends Finds There Mysterious Portal to Anime dimension Touched the Mighty Brown Monolith They were later Attracted By Brown Mighty Monolith 

Crack Movie: Beyond The Popstar

(Orig. Aventuras de la Troupe de Oro película: más allá Popstar) This is 3D Movie Created by Universal Studios Entertainment With Zentech Studios This Movie Was Created in 12 April 2015

Crack: The 3D Animtated Series


The Adventures of Crack


Spin Off Games

Crack's Pinball (SNES) 1997

Toad Bros. (NDS) 2009-2010

Crack Vs. Rabbids (PC,X360,PS3,Wii) 2013

Crack & the Rainbow Race (PC,WIIU,3DS,PS3,X360) 2014

Voice Actors


Grant Kirkhope - Crack

Makiko Ômoto - Bluey the Blue Kirby (Used Kirby's voice Clips)

Kevin Bayliss - Dark Crack

Benedict Campbell - Mr.Rat

Comming Soon!


Tomasz Steciuk - Crack

Makiko Ômoto - Bluey the Blue Kirby (Used Kirby's voice Clips)

Jarosław Boberek - Mr.Rat

Zbigniew Konopka - Metal Red Frog, Metal Red Rat

Comming Soon!


Koichi Yamadera - Crack

Makiko Ômoto - Bluey the Blue Kirby (Used Kirby's voice Clips)

Kōji Yusa - Dark Crack

Kenichi Ogata - Clandy the Black Dr.

Comming Soon!


Comming Soon!

Names With Other Names

  • Japanese - ゴールドスクラップ Daiboken (Gōrudosukurappu Daiboken)
  • Polish - Przygoda Sida McGolda
  • Germany - Gold-Reisenden
  • French - célèbre Ebrum Adventures
  • Spanish - Aventuras de la Troupe de Oro
  • Russian - Легенда Лом золота (Legenda Lom zolota)

More Comming Soon!


Crack Series on Crackpedia (This Wikia does not exist)

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