Our Short Hero this This Series. Save World Before Clandy!

I really do not know possibly what's going on?!
Crack's Catchpharse

I Hate chocolate, I Really hate chocolate!
in Game over Crack series

Crack McGold
Crack Artwork1
Crack's Artwork
Full Name Crack Skell. McGold
Gender Male
Species Golden-Crested Hedgehog
Location Micropunk Isle (Planet Popstar)
Current Status Live
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Bluey the blue Kirby (as Gun),Doroia (as Baseball bat)
Ability/ies Gliding,

Shoting Torpedos from his Mouth,

Headbutt Crash,

Spin Punch,


Rolling Attack

Nationality North Porean Flag Porea Kingdom
Height Short
The Toaster King, Manta Clows, Crackhead Crack, Crack Toasterlington, Silly Legend
Voice Actor(s)
(ENG) Grant Kirkhope (in Video Games and Movies)

(ENG) Chris Sarandon (Anime & Manga), (Spanish TV Series)

First Appearance Crack (1994 Video Game)
 Crack Is Main Hero of Crack Series and Anti-Hero. Takes care of Bluey the Blue KIrby\Lists Doroia. He's Idle animations is:
  • Taking off this Hat and cleans.
  • Jumps into Hamlet and Fall asleep
  • He Dances the motion from the Japanese Music Video.


  • Crack has a green shirt in locks and Orange Hood
  • Crack Has a Sonic's Shoes
  • Crack has a Hamlet With #1
  • Crack has a Green Pac-Eyes
  • Crack has a Hedgehog Tail at Back
  • Crack has a Golden Skin Color
  • Crack has a Hedgehog Spikes
  • Crack has a British Moustache
  • Crack has a Dark-Purple Nose


  • Headbutt Crash
  • Spin Punch
  • Mouth Torpedo Launcher
  • Mega-Jump
  • Calling Spaceship Cows (Ultra Power)

Fantendo Smash Bros.

Crack appears in Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered as Unlocknable Character (Complete all in 100%)

Costumes and Clones

  • Crack Skellington (Costume)
  • Phantom Crack (Costume)
  • Dark Crack (Dark Clone)
  • The Toaster King (Crack's Transformation)

Other Appearances

  • The King of Fighters


  • Crack Calling Kirby "Pinky"
  • Crack is Mascot of Rublitendo
  • Crack Calls Spaceship Cows By Special Ultra Power Them Spaceship Cows Uses Eletronic Bombs to Trop to enemy
  • Crack is Short. Crack Can Only Take Bluey to Slam and Become Bluey the Human Form and Normal Form
  • Dislikes Being called Black Metter (By White)