Crack (1994 Video Game)
Developer(s) Konami
Publisher(s) Nintendo,Rareware
Platform(s) SNES\Super Famicom

GBA (Remake)

Release Date(s)
SNES 1994 24 January

GBA 20 May 2003

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 2D Platform
Series Crack
Media Included cartridge
 Crack is First Game released By Konami, Nintendo and Rareware. But Squel is Game Called Crack 2: The Crack's Secret Weapon Has released in 1995. in 2015 as a Rebooted Version for PC. Named as "Crack Revisted" Created in Game maker 8 Pro

Story (GBA Version)

at the beginning in the Space Unknown Object Was smashed By Unknown Laser Crack He noticed Unknown Object noticed falling from space He had Himself Approach to him and see what it is... and later display a sign: "What's this is?!" later touched Unknown Object From Space... He jumped a Alien Called: "Clandy the Black Dr." Clandy jumped into the Walker That it controls He shot it later by means of Plunger to Crack Later and a White Kirby Called Bluey joined the Crack He could not even speak Crack & Bluey Must Destroy Clandy the Black Dr. Before Destroy the World



  • Crack "Skell" Mcgold
  • Bluey the White kirby



Stage Prologue - the Clandy's Revenge


Screenshot of Title Screen of Gameboy Version of This Called: "Crack the 8-bit"

chapter 1 - Forbidden Jungle

Stage 1 - the Adventure Begins...

Stage 2 - the Monkey Jungle

Stage 3 - the Magic Tricks

Stage 4 Boss - Mando's Lair

chapter 2 - the Toastland

Stage 1 - the Dreamy Island

Stage 2 - king of Dreams

Stage 3 - Ice Screams

Stage 4 Boss - the Evil Soda Machine

chapter 3 - icecat Isle'

Stage 1 - Meet the White Things

Stage 2 - Friends?

Stage 3 - Ice cube Trouble

Stage 4 - the Snowman of Doom

chapter 4 - the Dreamland's Revenge

Stage 1 - Watch Out, Barrels!

Stage 2 - Croco-Trap

Stage 3 - the King of Screams

Stage 4 Boss - the penguin King

chapter 5 - the Tabooki Desert

Stage 1 - Snakes N' Rays

Stage 2 - Floating Fun!

Stage 3 - Crystal Caves

Stage 4 - Metaship

Stage 5 Boss - Alien Toast (GBA Version)

chapter 6 - Save the World

Stage 1 - the Volcano Factory

Stage 2 - the big Surprise

Stage 3 - the Big Boos

Stage 4 Final Boss - the Real Revenge

Secret Stage - 2nd Final Boss the Broken Machine


D-Pad - Move 

A - Gliding

B - Jump

X - Run

Y - Rolling Attack

L - Scroll camera left 

R - Scroll camera right

Start - Pause

Select - Back to Map

GBA Version

D-Pad Move

A - Jump

A + A Gliding

B - Rolling Attack

B + B - Run

L -  Scroll camera left 

R - Scroll camera right

Start - Pause

Select - Back to Map

GBA Remake

Another port was made for the Game Boy Advance in 2003. The changes for this one include:

  • New Boss in Chapter 4 - Alien Toast
  • A "Time attack" Mode has been Added

More Comming Soon!



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