Crack & new invention
TV Series Crack & Friends
Writer(s) Rublitendo
Runtime 30 Minutes
Preceding Episode Episode Finale - Dig-Dug Clone Called: Toad Bros.
Following Episode  ???
Crack & New invention is a special 3-D animated short based on Crack & Friends This Video has released For Nintendo 3DS, 15 May 2015, and confirmed as Watch+Win,

Episode Summary

Even when the rain was falling They plan to New Plan to Stop Clandy the Black Dr. and Save the World But in the meantime Clandy the Black Dr. Plans to Destroy Crack and Take Over the World, Later Honston Toadstool Bulids Giant Invention Called Giant Hen, Later in Night Clandy He had to hypnotize Giant hen to Their Side and Destroy Crack and Take Over the World, later Morning Honston Toadstool Says: Oh! Where's a  my Giant hen!? Crack and Blue Kirby Called Bluey must Rediscovering Giant Hen, Before Clandy Takes Over the World

Comming Soon!