Crabbette the Crab
Gender Female
Species Animatronic Crab
Current Status Active
Height Small

Crabbette the Crab is one of the animatronics introduced in Several Nights at Fierce's 2, the sequel to Five Nights at Fierce's. She replaces Crabby the Crab from the first game, but the later is still alive, surviving in the Junkyard room.



Crabbette is a grey crab animatronic. She has three or four pairs of legs and a ribbon on her head. She also has two pincers. As with most other Several Nights at Fierce's animatronics, she has blue eyes. Her endoskeleton seems to be the same as Crabby's. Her body is made of two parts; the upper part is dark grey while the other is light grey.


Crabbette's legs are no longer articulated; she now moves on wheels. Her pincers are also much bigger then they used to be, but while they can still move they're not as articulated. Her red ribbon is at the side of her head. She appears much blockier and has ovals for eyes instead of eyeballs. These differences would suggest she isn't the original Crabbette, but according to the maker she is indeed the original one.


Crabbette can disable cameras just like the other animatronics. In her Normal form, she is able to run extremely fast. This ability was, ironically enough, removed in her updated form. It is unknown how resistant Crabbette was, although her servos locked up, so it can be assumed she might not be as tough as the other robots. She is likely at least semi-sentient like the other animatronics.


Crabbette is an animatronic designed to help people, so she is cheerful and helpful in general. She is very honest, never lying to people. She can be blunt at times through. She likes complimenting people. She might have slightly low esteem.





  • Crabbette was the first new animatronic introduced in SNaF2, having a teaser revealing her along with Crabby coming back.
  • Crabbette's number of legs seem to change between games. In most of her appearance she has three pairs of legs, but from time to time, she has four.
  • Updated Crabbette is, very ironically, actually a downgrade of the original Crabbette.
    • This is explained in-game; most of her servos were locked up and the staff had to replace nearly all of her parts.
  • Crabbette used to look slightly different; her eyes were black squares and she wasn't split into two parts.