Coyo is a Chameleon originating from Cammy Isles, and is the main protagonist of The Legend of Coyo.


Coyo is an anthropomorphic Chameleon with 3 fingers and 3 toes. He has small oval-shaped black eyes with a small nose over the tip of his mouth. He has green reptilian skin with two fins on the top of his head. He carries two golden bracelets on both hands and a long tail with reptile-like bumpish fins.


Coyo is very courageous and good-hearted, caring for the people of Cammy Isles. He's always the one to step up for somebody, and enjoys living in peace...despite him also getting to trouble, where it counts, of course.

He dislikes the fancy life and would much rather live in the island paradise he does now, in his small, quaint little village.


Coyo appears in The Legend of Coyo, The Legend of Coyo II: Kojira's Keep, The Legend of Coyo III: Charm of Igma, and The Legend of Coyo IV: The Forgotten Isles.


  • In The Legend of Coyo III: Charm of Igma, it is strongly hinted that Coyo is the desendant of the great hero which once defeated Igma. This further explains why the Charm of Igma was sealed in his cuffs.

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