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His artwork.

Coy is Button's best friend. He is a Friend Gremlin. He, too has a button, who is named Red. After Button stops a conflict, he creates a friendship. Like Button, he works in complete secrecy. He is also 3 centimeters tall. Coy thinks Red always goes to fast, and he's right. Red is best friends with Heat, the rocket board of Shades, so Red gets it from him. Coy is really clumbsy, and can be seen falling, clutching onto, and puking off his board. When he pukes, it somehow always land on Thimble.

He likes Pencilla, but thinks if he admits it he'll be laughed at.

Coy's Journal

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April 2


I'm sitting in the hospital with Red, who was just brought in. He got stuck in a tree! What is he going to do without me? Button's coming. See ya later!

In the middle of the night Pencilla calls me and says she needs me to find Blue and Purple. I'm a coward! I don't know who told her I was this brave guy, but whoever did is lying. Then she told me Button left to somewhere unknown. I got a sudden burst of courage and me and Red were off. I estimated I'd be there by tommorrow.

April 3


I woke up Pencilla and we saw Blue and Purple fall out of a blimb. They were alright, but we had to find that blimp!

April 18


I've forgot to write here for awhile, so here's a quick catch-up...

Me and Pencilla found Button, but got kidnapped. Fortunately, Thread and Loop rescued us. Then, I woke up in a dark zone. I was too sleepy to look around, so I fell sleep again.

This morning, I saw it was still extremely dark, and I had slept for days. Don't tell Pencilla anyone this, but I'm afraid of the dark. I hid in my covers and saw a shadow walking towards me. I screamed, and jumped on my Red and flew away. The shadowy guy followed me. I flew as fast as I could, but saw a large canyon, too large for my robot to fly across. The shadow chased me! He got close, I jumped, and the shadow flew into the canyon. I woke up and everything was fine.


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