His artwork.

Full Name Coy
Gender Male
Species Fabric Sprite
Location Fabrica
Class Ally
Height 3 centimeters
Coy is Button's best friend. He is a Friend Gremlin. He, too has a button, who is named Red. After Button stops a conflict, he creates a friendship. Like Button, he works in complete secrecy. He is also 3 centimeters tall. Coy thinks Red always goes to fast, and he's right. Red is best friends with Heat, the rocket board of Shades, so Red gets it from him. Coy is really clumbsy, and can be seen falling, clutching onto, and puking off his board. When he pukes, it somehow always land on Thimble. He likes Pencilla, but thinks if he admits it he'll be laughed at.

This character is being reworked as part of a Button reboot. Previous content has been placed in a dropdown box to aid in future reworking of this character.


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