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Course Maker is an iOS and Android app inspired by Play Nintendo's Super Mario Wallpaper Maker "activity". As the name suggests, it is a mobile extension of Super Mario Maker's Course Maker.



A level being edited in the iOS app.

Players can design levels in up to four slots, which can later be moved to Coursebot on the tied Miiverse account's Wii U. Course Maker has two toolbars, each with two rows. The top bar contains game style and level theme dropdowns and a SFX (Soundfrog) button on the top row; and the element palette view on the bottom row. The bottom bar's top row contains a panning hand tool, a sublevel button, and a horizontal S-G scrollbar shaft with scroll thumb; the bottom row has a save (Coursebot) button, eraser tool, timer and autoscroll menu button, undo (Undo Dog) button, and reset (rocket) button.

A view of the level being edited takes up the rest of the screen. Making a course is similar to doing so in Super Mario Maker proper, shaking, drawing, dragging, and all. However, the panning hand tool must be used to scroll, and Mario does not appear in the editor nor can the player test their level by controlling him.

Tapping the eraser tool multiple times in quick succession cycles through multi-grab mode and copy mode. The icon changes accordingly and can be tapped another time to exit the current mode.

Course Maker is compatible with amiibo via the Nintendo NFC amiibo Reader and Writer for iPhone. The amiibo functionality is identical to that of Super Mario Maker proper, spawning a Mystery Mushroom in the center of the screen, with the costume being of the character whose figure or card was scanned. This unlocks the costume if it was not unlocked already. The Mystery Mushroom can then be placed in the level being edited.


Course Maker reuses the remixes from Super Mario Maker's version of the editor. The music can be muted in the app's settings, as can sound effects, and will be replaced by any other audio that is playing.

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