Count Grimm is a villain who is a loyal servant to his leader, Lord Orichalcos. He was created by JetStreak and is owned by JS Games Inc.


Count Grimm is a skeleton in a black suit with a black top hat and holds a cane with a mysterious black skull gem. He has no organs, but his eyes are lit with a ghostly yellow light.


He is appears to be calm and well mannered, but in truth, it is nothing but a disquise. He is really a theif who will do anything to get what he wants and is dangerously insane.

Appearances in Games

All-Star Heroes: The Series

He makes his debut in All-Star Heroes III: Dawning of Darkness, where he and his army of Dark Pawns invade the Mushroom Kingdom. More info soon.

Mushroom Kingdom Hearts II: The Other Land

Count Grimm appears as an optional bos in Mushroom Kingdom Hearts II: The Other Land. More info coming soon.

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