Count Dorkula
Count Dorkula
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Full Name Vladimir "Count Dorkula" Aurelius
Current Age 40s
Gender Male
Species Humanoid
Location Petesburg
Current Status alive
Class Count
Main Weapon(s) Master Glove and Crazy Glove
Ability/ies Superhuman intelligence
Ethnicity Zennunian, Pencil-vanian
Voice Actor(s)
Jeff Bennett- English
First Appearance Super Mario and Friends: Zennu Quest

Vladimir "Count Dorkula" Aurelius is the main antagonist of Super Mario and Friends: Zennu Quest. He is a nerd from Pencil-vania. He was raised in a noble family who disliked modern culture. So children at Count's school had mocked him and he hadn't made any friends.

Physical appearance

He is a tall, skinny humanoid with green skin and black hair. He wears a short-sleeved white shirt, glasses and brown shorts. 


Count Dorkula needs friends like fish need water. When somebody disagrees with him, he makes that person his enemy forever.


He appeared in Super Mario and Friends: Zennu Quest as main villain. He wanted to create the largest party in the Universe, so he hypnotised Bowser and other villains of Nintendo-related universes to make them join his side.