Count Botis
Full Name Count Botis
Current Age 2000+
Date of Birth May 24
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Male
Species Demon
Location Venom Manor
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Ciara (mistress)
Main Weapon(s) Viper Blade
Ability/ies Poison
Expert Swordmanship
Demonic Magic
Vulnerable To Holy Magic
Sexuality Heterosexual
First Appearance The First Summoning

Count Botis is one of the two main playable characters of The First Summoning. He is a high ranking demon of one of Solomons 72 lesser keys. He was summoned by an average witch but swore to make her the greatest that has ever lived.


Being born in a royal family in the Underworld, Botis always had been very spoiled. He was raised to be the heir of his father's title as Count of Hell. However Botis wanted more. He trained and trained, he ventured and eventually gathered a legion of demons which he eventually over time expanded to a total of sixty legions. Through his ventures he acquired the title of president and earl as well, a huge feat for a demon. Despite being one of the most powerful daemons in the Underworld he was summoned as one of the daemons of the conjurer Ciara.


Botis appears as a man of average size with pitch black hair and menacing red eyes/viper-like green eyes. Two sharp horns appear out of his forehead and illuminating fangs. He wears a long black leather jacket. Underneath the jacket he wears a simple black shirt and black trousers. He wears a heavy chain around his neck, but still manages to move around swiftly. Along with that is a golden lock necklace strapped tight around his neck. He wears a pair of heavy dark boots. He wears fingerless black gloves and has green painted nails.


Although being a respected count, Botis is quite a childish person. He tends to act very bossy and doesn't take kind to authority. When having his new conjurer he acts rebellious and wants to do things his own way, but in the end is easy to control because of his child-like personality. He likes to mock his opponents during battle and often has a menacing look, filled with desire to bite his opponents. He has a habit to lick his lips.

Powers & Abilities

Botis is a skilled swordsman, wielding a sharp and bright sword. During his ventures his swordsman skills only improved. Aside these trained skills he has the natural ability to tell all things past and future and reconciles friends and foes. Poison flows through his blood which doesn't effect him but can effect others when they are scratched, bitten or slain by his blade.

Despite him being an excellent swordsman, Ciara doesn't have the mana to summon such a powerful blade to the surface forcing Botis to leave it at his manor under the protection of Connir, his loyal lapdog. On the surface he relies on his magic which vary from flare's to poisons to a pool of red essence that summons hands out of it... kinda creepy. In his household he has five maidens who he can summon with his own mana, unlike his sword. They all come from different backgrounds and were carefully selected by Botis to join his household.


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