Count Bleck´s 3D artwork

You thought I turned good back when Dimentio tried to destroy the meta-universe*? HA! That was just to make you think I wouldn't take my revenge on you one day! But guess what? YOU WERE WRONG!
Count Bleck, Super Mario Silver Spurs 2: Adventures Beyond

Count Bleck is a dark, shady villain who first appeared in Super Paper Mario as a psychopath who tried to take over every dimension. He eventually starred in his own adventure as the titular character of Paper Bleck. He also is playable in Super Paper Bros. A portrait of him can be seen on a wall in RC Hypers Tower in Mario and Luigi: Paper Combine.


Super Paper

Count Bleck alongisde with Tippi appear in Super Paper Bros., They meet up with Mario & co. at Jibber Jabber City.

He later appears in "Super Paper Battalion" first at Honk Honk Port looking for Tippi. He is later revealed to be B, the primary antagonist of "Battalion." It later turns out that B is not actually him, but the remnants of the Dark Prognosticus energy that had formerly resided in his body. Merlon and Bleck use the Light Prognosticus to damage B, weakening him enough for Mario & co. to defeat him. B's defeat triggers a massive explosion in which Bleck and Merlon are lost.

Silver Spurs Trilogy

Super Mario Silver Spurs 2: Adventures Beyond

Count Bleck makes his Silver Spurs debut in this film. He uses the Dark Star to create clones of Mario and his friends and sends them to commit various crimes, which Mario and co. get accused of.

Super Mario Silver Spurs: Dimensional Duos

Count Bleck is one of the three main antagonists of this game, the other two being Mandy and Mephiles the Dark. He takes advantage of Gobblegut in the same way that Mandy and Mephiles take advantage of the Ender Dragon and the Dark Gaia, respectively.

Super Paper Mario 2: Craft Champion

Count Bleck does not make an appearance in this game, but his hologram is seen talking to his son, Sven, but the Puppetmaster cuts him off of communication.


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