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Count Bereimul

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Count Bereimul
Full Name Ælfsige Bereimul
Current Age
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Grandfather Clock
Ability/ies Multidimensional Travelling, Freezing Time
Your time is up.
Count Bereimul

Count Bereimul (real name, Ælfsige Bereimul) is a being of mysterious origin. Old as time itself, Bereimul is the guardian of time and space, who has access to many different dimensions, such as our own and many other different Fantendoverses. Bereimul acts as a silent deity, unrelated to The Fan or The Enemy and one that doesn't directly interferes with events happening around the universes.

Bereimul is shown to be immortal, even the destruction of an universe, Bereimul is unaffected. Due his abilities, Bereimul was trapped by The Fan and The Enemy in a universe where his powers are rendered null, although the universe he was sent has a rift, that once it is big enough, Bereimul can and will return.

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