"It's-a-him, Cotton Luigi!"

Metal Mario, referring to Cotton Luigi in Mario Kart 9's third DLC Trailer

Cotton Luigi is a character made up by Kirbystar247, making his debut in Mario Kart 9, as a mutated form of Luigi, or possibly a mutation of cotton itself.


Cotton Luigi is similar to Luigi but is made of a white, silky material (Possibly cotton, as the name suggests) and with a black 'L' on his cap, providing a resemblance to Metal Mario (Who has a Black M).

Cotton Luigi's symbol is a minty green pillow with a white 'L' on it.


Much like Luigi, Cotton Luigi is a rather cowardly character with an extra heroic touch, as proven in the trailer.

He also has a crush on Emerald Daisy.


Cotton Luigi made his debut in Mario Kart 9, as a 'different version' of Luigi, and as a counterpart to both Metal Mario and Pink Gold Peach. Unlike the other two, he is a middleweight, but like the other two has his own unique weight class. He is unlocked by ranking one star or higher in all 200cc DLC Cups, which can only be accessed with the features of both DLC Packs (New Super Mario Bros. for 200cc, Super Mario 3D for DLC Cups).

He may also appear in Mario Family Baseball Deluxe, or as a DLC Character in Mario Party XI.


Cotton Luigi has an identical voice to Luigi, however his voice has a higher pitch, and every other word is filtered.


  • The first shown theory on his origin can't be true, as both Luigi and Cotton Luigi can exist at the same time. This makes the second seem much more likely.

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