Costume Hero: This is the End is an upcoming 3D Action/Adventure for the Wii U and for the first time, for the PC through Steam. The game takes a darker twist than the first two games in the series as Faze returns and builds a Doomsday Device which is said to cause numerous disasters as he plans to destroy the world after all of the pain and suffering he has been through his entire life.

Lunes, who has defeated Faze last time, hears about the news, but it is too late as the world is starting to crumble. Now Lunes and his old friends have to defeat Faze and his device before the world once and for all is over. New costumes and even the introduction to various weapons are introduced, new characters are also met as well. New enemies are seen in the game as well, as they take a darker twist unlike the first two games as they have a more demonic style as each has their own ability.





  • Attack
  • Speed
  • Defense
  • Special
  • Balanced


Name Info Stat
Lunes the Cat Lunes the Cat returns as he was originally an alley cat, but worked his way to the top becoming a well known hero. Lunes is now on his hardest mission yet as everyone on the planet now depends on hm and his loyal friends. Lunes has the ability to use his sharp claws on enemies and can use costumes. Lunes' scarf has been torn up and is dirtier, he also has a small scar on the right side of his face. Balanced
Mike the Robot Mike the Robot is a wood-esque robot who was created by the Moon Guardian. Mike today as a few scratches on his body and he also uses a wooden axe as his attack. Like all the other playable characters, he can transform into any costume in the game. Attack
The Phoenix The Phoenix is a female Phoenix who's name is unknown as she doesn't know about her past and anybody who knew about her past. She appears as she was in the first game as she is now a playable character. Phoenix can fly and can swoop down against enemies as her attack. Defense
Ron Ron is a Cheetah who comes from a distant land as he was once captured and was used as a personal slave by Faze. Ron escaped as he suffered from many cuts and bruises. Even though Ron has been through a lot through his life, he still keeps his head up as he decides to pair up with Lunes to stop the Earth from becoming more. He is the fastest character out of all. Speed




Name Info
Faze Faze returns as he builds a new device to destroy the world once and for all. Faze now controls a large machine. He also has transformed the entire species of Liks into vicious cyborgs or mutants. He plans to use his new armada to stop Lunes and his crew.
Spella Spella is one of Fazes' assistants as she uses her black magic to hunt for Lunes and his crew. She also takes control of voodoo dolls of the crew when she is fought later on in the game.





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