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Costume Hero
Developer(s) Blecki Hearts
Publisher(s) Blecki Hearts
Platform(s) Gamecube
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Release Date(s)
Sep. 15, 2004 (JAP)

Sep 30, 2004 (US)

Sep 27, 2004 (EU)

Media Included Gamecube Game Disk
Costume Hero is an upcoming 3D platformer being made by Blecki Hearts. It's going to be for the Nintendo Gamecube. It is the first game of the Costume Hero series, as well as the first canon one.


Lunes was just taking a nap inside a garbage can until something supernatural happened. Lunes heard the people of Moonshire Town screaming. Lunes grew curious and to look at the. Suddenly, strange creatures came up to Lunes and growled at him. Lunes jumps out of his swiftly and ran somewhere far away. Lunes then bumped into a floating block of cheese named Chedzire and a wooden robot named Mike. Chedzire then looked closely at Lunes realizing he is (one of) the chosen one who can defeat the evil organization and get back powerful objects called the Sacred Stars, since the organization stole them. Lunes was a bit puzzled at first, but then he realized that he can explore new worlds, so Lunes states his name and ask them their names. Chedzire tells his name, including Mike since he can't talk, and then cast a magic spell on him, allowing him to transform into various costumes. Mike then led Lunes and Chedzire to their first destination. Lunes suddenly felt like a hero. Meanwhile, a strange shadow appeared, laughing like a maniac. The shadow then teleported off.


World Hub

Each world in the game has a world hub w/ different NPCs and Minigames. You are also able to buy items you can use in your next level.


The game is a 3d platformer with some RPG elements. Just like any other 3d platformer you get to roam around different areas. The main aspect of the game is costumes. Costumes can be worn be collecting a Costume Medallion. The Costume Medallion then goes to your invetory box, which can hold up to 3 medallions. Go to the pause button and choose the costume medallion at the bottom to allow you to transform into that costume. Costumes are extremely important, as they help you solve puzzles and do strong attacks.

Cheese Rocket

When you first start this mode, you will be able to choose gear and parts for the Cheese Rocket (if you bought some at Travis Wander's shop at any hub), these things upgrade your Cheese Rocket. The actual gameplay plays and acts like the Gummi Ship in Kingdom Hearts 2.




  • Attack
  • Speed
  • Defense
  • Special


Name Description Stats
Lunes the Cat After a hard life of being an alley cat, Lunes finally becomes a hero! Thanks to Chedzire, Lunes now has the ability to not only use his sharp claws, but change into various costumes. TBA
Mike the Robot Mike is a wood-like robot who was created by the Moon Guardian to assist Chedzire when in trouble. He attacks with a wooden axe and can change into various costumes like Lunes. He can only be controlled by Player 2. TBA
Cheese Rocket A rocket that Lunes, Chedzire, and Mike travel to get to worlds. It shoots out stars and cheese missles. N/A


Name Description
Chedzire An annoying yet wise moon guardian that helps Lunes and Mike. He saves the game for and gives you plentiful of information throught the game.
Travis Wander Don't judge Travis by his normal looks, he traveled to many different areas, fighting off tyrants and fierce animals. He sells you parts and upgrades for the Cheese Rocket.
The Phoenix A giant radiant bird who's rival is Faze, although not much is known from her. She appears in some levels, helping you out.
Shu A large light blue shue with eyes. He can be ridden on and when ridden, he can jump on enemies to squash them and he get through hazards that Lunes and Mike can't be on such as poison, lava, and spikes.


Name Description
Faze An evil floating face that leads an army of monsters. He stole the Sacred Stars and use them to give him power.
Spella One of Faze's loyal assistants. She hinders Lunes and his friends sometime in each world.
Burly A strong and burly sack created by Spella. He is fought as a mini-boss in each world.
The Dangerous Six Be prepared when facing these brutes, they're loyal to Faze and will do everything to protect the Sacred Stars from Lunes and Mike. Use your Costumes wisely when battling them.


Name Description Stats Medallion
Snowman This chilly costume is first founded on Snowy Region. With the Snowman costume, you can throw snowballs to defeat enemies and activate targets, and you can hide inside the costume to protect yourself. TBA Snowball Medallion
Ninja TBA TBA Ninja Star Medallion


Name Description # of Levels Boss Battle
Snow Region TBA 5 Commander Brrow
Ripe Fruit Jungle TBA 6 Kinomi Queen
Dusty Desert TBA 5 Sandy
Mermaid Sanctuary TBA 7 Tori
Erupting Area TBA 4 Magma Lurker
The Vast City TBA 10 Mr. Scraps
Ghoulish Valley TBA 6 Spella and Giant Burly
Corrupted Lair TBA 7 Faze, Raging Faze



Name Description Health Found at...
Liks A common ghoulish enemy that looks like cream. Despite their sharp teeth, they're rather easy, mainly because their only attack is licking. 8 Every World
Choco Liks A Liks that looks like chocolate. They are like the creamy Liks except that they're slightly stronger and faster. 10 Every World except The Vast City and Mermaid Santuary
Gigantliks TBA 25 TBA
Mint Liks TBA 12 TBA
Smore Liks TBA 15 Erupting Area, The Vast City, Corrupted Lair
Stale Liks TBA 50 TBA
Snowdog Grunt They may look cute at first, but they're real troublemakers. They will burrow on the ground and throw snowballs. You can stun them if you throw snowballs at them multiple times with the Snowman Costume. 10 Snow Region, Corrupted Lair
Penguy The Penguy is a mischevious penguin that likes to slide around. You can interupt their belly sliding by attacking them with anything, they will then try to slap you. 14 Snow Region, Corrupted Lair



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