Cosplay Cove is a restaurant/theater chain by InukaneStudios. Founded in 2030 by InukaneYumiko herself, the franchise has a new theme every day. This theme decides which cosplayers get discounts and which movies, shows, and games are featured. For example, when the theme is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, cosplayers of characters in that show are rewarded with $20 every time they buy something at Cosplay Cove, and episodes of the show are played throughout the day.

Types of seats

There are several different seat types in Cosplay Cove. The list is as follows:

Outdoor seats

This type of seat is free, and although it is outside of the restaurant, viewers can still see the features through a transparent wall. It's nice for a sunny day, but it's free just in case it rains. Customers are allowed to order free ponchos or to bring their own. On days scheduled to be rainy, umbrellas are placed outside for people to have picnics under, or just sit at tables under.

Back seats

This seat costs a mere 50 cents extra for the meal. It's near the back of the restaurant, but at least the people there are sheltered from the heresy of the rain. They might have a harder time seeing the features, though.

Bar seats

If you want a good beer and sports, the bar is the place for you. The seats cost 75 cents, as the viewers can watch sports and consume alcohol as well as watch the features. Alcoholic beverages are restricted to the bar, and customers under 18 are not allowed into the bar. Even if you are 18, 19, or 20, you can't consume alcohol in Cosplay Cove until you're 21, of course.

Box seats

Get high in the sky with these seats! The seats are located in a sturdy balcony attached to the wall, high above everyone else. These seats are limited, and cost $2.

Front seats

You can get an amazing view with the front seats, which cost $1. Pretty self-explanatory, these seats are very close to the features. People on the sides (an extra 5 cents) can watch their meals being made.

VIP seats

Ironically, average people can sit here too. These seats are located in the very front row, which is very special. However, these $2 seats are limited.


The type of food is different each month, as follows:

January Italian food
February Fondue
March Breakfast food
April Indian food
May Japanese food
June Bayou food
July Fast food
August Cold food
September Mexican food
October CANDY!
November Thanksgiving food
December Chanukah food

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