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Cosmos Force (Magnaforce in Europe) is a 3D space shooter developed and published by Scarce Gaming for the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and PC on November 20, 1997. The game focuses on the Magnaforce, a team of bounty hunters, attempting to take down the Lunaforce, a criminal group.


  • Lizaro - The main population of the Magna system. It is a combination of human and reptile, with one tentacle-like arm and one humanoid arm. Lizaro are quick runners, the fastest ones being able to run at 60 miles per hour. Their home planet is Delara, the only moon of the gas giant Graphite.
  • Human - The second population of the Magna system. Their residing planet is Io.
  • Rayixal - One of the lower populationS of the Magna system. They are manta ray, yet humanoid creatures. Rayixal are quick diggers, and can fire electric currents. Their planet is Galigohd, A desert planet.



  • Sikle (Human) - The commanding officer of Magnaforce, and a male. He pilots the Yen, a quick machine with a gun on the front and two sentry guns on the wings. He flies a Model T cone-shaped plane.
  • Sigel (Lizaro) - The weapons specialist of Magnaforce, and a male. He pilots the Galleon, a middle-man machine with a sniper rifle on the front and two Heavy Sentries on the wings. He flies a Regalif paper airplane-style plane.
  • Mantis (Rayixal) - The engineer of Magnaforce, and a female. She pilots the Lizard, a slow machine with a Mini-gun on the front and two Sniper Sentries on the wings. She flies a Lunaman X-wing-like plane.
  •  ??? (???) - An unknown member of Magnaforce, which is completely blocked off by a silhouette. They pilot the Destructo, a powerful and fast plane with a rocket launcher on the front and two Cannon Sentries on the wings. They fly a Custom Plane with a O-shaped wing pattern.


  • Aegis (Lizaro) - The leader of Lunaforce, and Sigel's older brother. He pilots the Crossfire, a middle-man machine with two Heavy Sentries on the wings. He flies the same Custom Plane as ???. He attacks Sigel in Stage 2.
  • Ray (Rayixal) - A barbaric member of Lunaforce, and male. He pilots the Deathbringer, a seemingly harmless plane that activates a nuclear explosion if shot. He flies a red copy of Mantis' Lunaman. He attacks Mantis in Stage 2.
  • Plague (???) - A former doctor and scientist of Lunaforce, and female. She pilots the Disease, a copy of Destructo. She flies a Custom Plane, which is a copy of ???'s plane. She attacks ??? in Stage 2.
  • Scabbard (Human) - A gunner for Lunaforce, and male. He does not pilot a plane, and instead uses Plasm Wings to fly. He attacks Sikle in Stage 2.


  • Delara ~ Board the Flying Fish - Sigel's home planet, and a mountainous rocky area. The area is impossible to traverse on foot (excluding Sigel.) The goal is the Magnaforce Flying Fish flying Aircraft Carrier, and the boss is Plague.
  • Graphite ~ Flying Fish Defense - The atmosphere of Graphite, and a flying area. The area is impossible to traverse without an Aircraft. The goal is to protect the Flying Fish from Lunaforce. The boss is Lunaforce.
  • Io ~ Raiding Lunaforce - A human colony, and a mesa-like area. The area is flat and populated by cities. The goal is the Lunaforce hiding area, and the boss is Scabbard.
  • Galigohd ~ Satellite 11 Incoming - The Rayixal planet, and a vast desert. The goal is Satellite 11, the final area protected by Lunaforce. The boss is Ray.
  • Phalata ~ Satellite 11 Anchor - A planet without any life whatsoever, and the planet Satellite 11 is anchored into. The goal is to destroy Phalata, and the boss is Aegis.
  • Satellite 11 ~ Lunaforce - A satellite where Lunaforce is planning to destroy Delara. The area is metallic and has many Turret Sentries. The goal is to destroy Satellite 11, and the boss is Lunaforce.
  • Deep Space ~ Aegis' Last Stand - Deep space, and a clone of Stage 2, but with one enemy. The boss is Aegis radiated by Phalata's core, and fused with the Crossfire.

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