Cosmo (Character)
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Current Age 4000
Date of Birth --/--/--
Gender Male
Species Cosmittilain's
Location Cosmic World
Main Weapon(s) the DarkStar
First Appearance Super Mario Cosmic
Latest Appearance Kirby: Rise of Cosmo

"Life is not men't to be alive, even more if your not cosmic!

-Super Mario Cosmic

"Why you little---wh- little!! oh...whats the point"

-The Simpsons: Lake of Rage!!

"Welcome to Dreamland - the land where nothing shall live!"

-Kirby: Rise of Cosmo

Cosmo is the only known alive Cosmittilain (Cos-mit-illy-in), he has appeared as a bad guy in 5 games (Super Mario Cosmic, Cosmic Journey's: Adventures in Space, The Simpsons: Lake Of Rage!!, Super Mario Cosmic 2 and Kirby: Rise of Cosmo) and is planned to appear in the upcoming game Cosmic Quest. He think's he should kill all humans and that cosmic things are better.