You may be looking for Cosmo the Seedrian.

I don't know, are you ready to kick some alien butt?
Cosmo to Thunder Nook

, YoshiEgg StarForce


Cosmo's 3D appearance.

Cosmo is a timid orange Toad and is best friends with Thunder Nook. He is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and laser blaster combat and can co-pilot a spaceship quite nicely. He is a bit shy, though.


Cosmo came from Isle Delfino because he wanted to learn to fight, pilot a spaceship, and explore many galaxies. So, he enrolled in Thunder's academy, where he met Thunder and Vapor.


Though being a bit shy, Cosmo is very brave. His skills make him bold and he puts other's needs in front of his own.


Cosmo debuted in YoshiEgg StarForce and hasn't appeared in any games since.



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