The Cosmic Monster's artwork. Note the resemblance to Gobblegut.

Cosmic Monster is the monstrous form of the Cosmic Clones. In the end of Mario 3D World, Mario, Luigi, Toad, Green Toad, Maria and Luise find the Cosmic Clones inside of the final airship. Before they easily defeat them, the Cosmic Clones form into this- a huge, dragon-like beast.


Cosmic Monster looks like a purple Gobblegut. He has yellow eyes, like the Cosmic Clones, but with red purples. Also, his eyebrows are more noticable- they are much brighter then the rest of his body.


During his battle, the beast will circle the airship, breathing cosmoballs- small, purple fireballs. If you are hit by his cosmoballs, you will be turned purple and frozen for a little while. After he has spat enough cosmoballs (or you have been frozen), he darts from behind you to try to bite you. If you have been frozen, you will probably be eaten. If not, you should jump at the right timing so that you will land on him. At this point, you will be carried into the sky while riding on him. He will fly through areas with obstacles that you must dodge. Eventually, he will be knocked unconscious by the objects he's flying through, and you can ground pound on his head. He will then flick you off and the process will repeat. If you are eaten by him, you will be spat out in your small form- unless you were small, in which you will be killed. Everytime he's hit, he gets a new attack- the first time you hit him, he will be able to try to flick you with his tail while breathing cosmoballs. Second time, he will be able to flick, spit and drop Cosmic Clones (which you must kill). Third time, he will flick, spit, drop and use laser beams. Fourth time, he will flick, spit, drop, shoot and pound his tail on the ground, creating a shockwave. On the fifth time, he's killed.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スタービースト Star Beast
French Mal Cosmique Evil Cosmic
Spanish Clon Del Dragón Dragon Clone
Italian Mostro Cosmic Cosmic Monster

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