Cosmic Mario is a character in the Mario series. He looks the same as Mario and is similar in many ways to Shadow Mario.
Cosmic Mario

Physical Apperance

Cosmic Mario has the physical shape of Mario, but inside he has a blue, star-like pattern, as if he was made of a cosmic matter, hence the name. He has a high, squeaky voice and does everything exactly like Mario. Because of these reasons, Cosmic Mario is sometimes mistaken for a similar character, Shadow Mario, or sometimes a Cosmic Clone.


Super Mario Galaxy ULTIMATE

Cosmic Mario appears in Super Mario Galaxy ULTIMATE playing the same role as he usually does. Whenever a Cosmic Comet arrives at a galaxy, Mario must race his cosmic counterpart for a star.

Mario Kart: Double Blast!!

MKDB CosmicMarioCosmicSpirit Icon

Cosmic Mario and Cosmic Spirit appear in Mario Kart: Double Blast!! as an unlockable pairing. To unlock them, the player had to unlock 20 Expert Staff Ghost Data records in Time Trials. Cosmic Mario's kart body is the Sapphire Meteor, which is automatically unlocked along with Cosmic Mario and Cosmic Spirit. His Special Ability is the Cosmic Spin, which allows him to perform a "star spin" that will attract nearby opponents into the user's vehicle and leave them knock them over. He's able to do this 2 times in 20 seconds.

Grand Tour Character
Cosmic Mario
MK CosmicMario Icon
Distance 214 yards
Trajectory Fade
Height Low
Impact 14
Control 10
Spin 8

Mario Golf: Grand Tour

Cosmic Mario appears in Mario Golf: Grand Tour as a downloadable character, as part of the Galaxy Pack. In the game, his maximun hit is 213 yards, causing the ball to curve to the right when hit. His shot is also considerably low and similar to Luigi's, having a slightly better impact on the ball than Mario, but also slightly matching Mario's power. Cosmic Mario, as well as Dry Bowser, were originally going to be an alternate costumes, but they were scrapped and later included as separate DLC characters.


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