Cosmic Lighthouse
Greater Location Space
First Appearance Unknown Mario Game
Notable Resident(s)
The Cosmic Lighthouse is the home to Cosmetta, and resides in space. It is a floating asteroid with a lighthouse on it. The beam on the lighthouse flashes red when it finds a planet that needs to be destroyed. It is seen as Cosmetta's unintentional answer to Comet Observatory, albeit it finds and destroys planets as opposed to finding and helping planets.


The Cosmic Lighthouse, while stated to be a asteroid, doesn't really resemble one so much as it does a couple of upside down spires with a lighthouse on it, the beam being either white or red and constantly looking around of it's own will. The Lighthouse has a much bigger interior than the outside would imply. The lighthouse has stained glass windows, resembling stars and planets.

Cosmetta has no one else living on the Cosmic Lighthouse, save for the Lumas Rosalina occasionally allows to visit from time to time.

Additional Information

The Cosmic Lighthouse is powered by a single, lone, Red Power Star. Cosmetta has no real control over the direction it goes unless it is powered by some Power Stars, similar to Rosalina's own Comet Observatory.


There is no available history available for Cosmetta's Lighthouse. Maybe there will be soon, who knows.


  • The origins of the Cosmic Lighthouse are unknown although some of the design looks similar to Tatanga's ships.

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