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Cosmic is a Black Yoshi and ally of Lemmykoopa24. He is very kind and never backs away from a fight. He leads Lemmykoopa24's Dino faction, Thus making him a captain of Lemmykoopa24's army. He also acts as Lemmykoopa24's sidekick at times. He is also a close friend of Karma. Assassin Shell is his sworn enemy.


Cosmic is, more or less, a Black Yoshi. He wears a crimson-colored cloak and a Raccoon Tail.

Paper Cosmic

Paper Cosmic

Powers & Abilities

Cosmic, being a Black Yoshi, can do everything a Black Yoshi can do. Such as eat weaker foes, flutter kick, and run fast. In addition to these, he also possesses a wide array of other powers given to him by Lemmykoopa24 when he was created. He has the ability to teleport, attack with his tail, and make a single clone of himself. He can also put defeated enemies into the test prison so Lemmykoopa24 can experiment on them later.


Paper Karma

He is a partner.

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