Coshi is a yellow Yoshi. He has been seen with Sashi a lot, which might mean he has a crush on her. He is Boshi's cousin, although they are nothing alike.


Much like Sashi's; kind and adventurous.



He is close friends with her and rarely seen without her. Some suspect he has a crush on her.


He is also close friends with Sashi's brother, Yoshi. However, when he invites Sashi to the beach and Yoshi comes along, he gets annoyed.


Coshi actually hates his cousin and his cruel ways. Anytime Boshi arrives, Coshi hides behind a chair or something and gets laughed at by his cousin.


Coshi doesn't really like Mario; like Yoshi doesn't really like Luigi. But, Coshi goes on adventures with Mario.


Coshi is to Luigi like Yoshi is to Mario. Luigi is Coshi's trainer and friend. In the Mario & Friends series Coshi is Luigi's Yoshi.


Coshi is good friends with Peach, but they are rarely together.


Coshi is to Daisy like Yoshi is to Peach. They are good friends and are together a lot.

Baby Luigi

In the Mario & Friends series, Coshi has an adventure with Baby Luigi like Yoshi did with Baby Mario. The two then befriended each other.

How does Mario's Friends Taste?

In the Mario & Friends series, if Coshi licks a friend he will comment what they taste like.

  • Mario = Eeyuck! Tastes like pipe!
  • Luigi = Meh. . .citrusy.
  • Peach = Ooh. . .peachy. . .
  • Toad = Ew. . .mushroomy. . .yucks. . .
  • Daisy = Very flowery. . .in fact, daisy-ish!
  • Wario = Yucks! Garlic!
  • Waluigi = Hm. . .Me no tink I like eggplant. . .
  • Mallow = Ooh! Cotton candy! Yums!
  • Baby Mario = Very sweet.
  • Baby Luigi = Tastes limey.



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