Corrupted Essence
Corrupted Essence
Appearence from Fantendo Figurine Fighters
Current Age 1000+
Gender Anigendered
Current Status Alive
Netnu - boss/owner/creater (possible)
Main Weapon(s) Corrupt Mist
Ability/ies Corrupting figurines, floating
Vulnerable To Light, niceness, fire
First Appearance Fantendo Figurine Fighters
Corrupted Essence is one of the main antogonists of Fantendo Figurine Fighters. It creates all the dark energy Netnu uses to corrupt figurines. Although the Corrupted Essence is defeated in the secret ending, it is hinted he survived and is still used by Netnu to create corrupted figurines.


Like many evil mists, the Corrupted Essence is completely dark. When moving, he is even more blurry then when he first appears. He has two evil, red eyes that can stare into ones soul.


The Corrupted Essence seems to only want one thing: corrupt figurines. Whenever he wants to corrupt a figurine, he simply moves through them. Netnu, however, wanted a more direct way, and harnessed his energy. When in battle, he Corrupted Essence creates copies of figurines he has corrupted before, and splits into parts when hit.

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